Gaijin Gunpla

What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man?
– from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

The purpose to which I have resolved myself has its ending just in front of me. The monster takes shape and the last of the path I have to tread lies just ahead of me like a shadow thrust out in front of its owner.


Ya, so I worked some more on my plastic mash-up that I’ve called the Steingeese. Or was that Tallstein?

Since I last wrote about this project I have spent quite a bit more time on it, thanks to two long weekends, and have gotten to the point where I no longer am going to cut plastic up but instead paint it. For example…

In the last post I just showed the masking of a particular piece that fits in the rear skirt assembly. Well, here it is all put together.

Speaking of masking, I had to mask off the majority of the legs.

As both the Stein and the Tallgeese are almost completely white mobile suits I wanted the main color of the Steingeese to be white but painting white can be hit or miss especially with spray cans so I decided I would keep the white plastic untouched and just paint the other areas the second color I had selected.

Notice where I cut the plastic incorrectly?

Well, hopefully you won’t once the paint is applied because I’ve used putty to correct my mistake.

The first parts to receive a coat of paint were the frame and other non-armor parts.

I put the frame together to see how it looked even though the majority of it will be covered.

That’s Gun Metal and Silver.

The rings on the ankle were first painted silver and then hit up with some Tamiya Gold.

The red in the backpack thrusters is Mica Red (though it’s tough to see in this lighting).

And the head vulcans received the same silver/gold treatment that the ankles had.

Here he is with the painted Mohawk.

After taking this picture I looked again at the pipe/armor collars found on each side of his face. These are the only armor collars on the Stein, though I did experiment a little with using the ones on the waist and I decided that because these are all there are maybe they aren’t necessary at all. So I left them off.

The backpack thrusters from the Tallgeese received the Tamiya Gray that I used back on the MG Shenlong.

So why not take a look at what I’ve got so far? Being so close to done I couldn’t resist.

The torso and feet armor were painted Matt Black. I’ve already painted the hands so I think all I’ve got left to do is paint some weapons and then put on some markings. I can’t believe this monster is almost done!

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  1. This kit harmonize both kits elements, I can’t find any hiccups at all. A well custom kit.
    Now for the weapons……

  2. Zetaone71 says:

    It looks amazing Syd! Great work indeed!

  3. Ryan Edgar says:

    Agreed, looks badass!

  4. Woodfish says:

    Doesn’t look half bad. 🙂 Curious to see how you’ll do the weapons though.

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