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The Destiny isn’t the Destiny if it doesn’t have those gorgeous wings and so I was very excited to get to that part of the Real Grade Destiny’s assembly. Here is what you need to begin.

That red piece with the three ‘feathers’ is laid inside of the frame parts. You can see how Bandai molded the pieces to fit.

With the black parts clamped together the red part has nowhere to go but that frame part can move.

Before you use any more plastic you first have to put on the tiny, round foil stickers.

Then from there the big pieces are brought in.

Inside one of these you lay the dark parts molded with what looks like vents.

So far so good.

Now for another large, by RG standards, piece of plastic. This time it’s the black piece that finishes off the wings.

To get the wing onto the backpack you use two smaller black parts and sandwich those around the B runner frame parts.

Then repeat for the opposite side.

But the backpack isn’t finished yet. You still need these.

You make two of these and each one is meant to hold one of Destiny’s weapons (those come later).


The wings!


Okay.. tone it down a little. No one likes a show off.

That’s better.

But the question becomes, how well does the Destiny stand up once that big winged backpack is on.

It took some fiddling with the feet but he is standing, and looking good doing so.

And now for the previously mentioned cool weapons. First the frame.

Yes, it is quite long but it is meant to fold up and become smaller. That’s the responsibility of this small part.

Add these to the bottom.

And check out this oddly-shaped part.

Before you put that on you first use this more regular-shaped part and a couple smaller pieces.

The frame goes into the smaller part.

Then the odd part goes on over top.

At the top is an opening where the handle fits in. This gap is closed up thanks to a little tab that was molded on the tiny, cone-shaped part that goes on at the end.


And for the other weapon you’re basically repeating the process but using differently shaped parts (which just happen to be a completely different color).

This is the part that fits on the end of the second weapon.

And it’s got a handle.

These two beauties then drop into their respective holders on the backpack.

But note that they can’t be interchanged. They have to go on as the manual indicates.

Almost finished! Just the rifle…

Here’s the hand used to hold the rifle.

Then the shield. First do this.

Then a couple of black parts.

Then finish it off with the top section.

Of course you’ll need that yellow piece to complete the look.

Open… sesame

I guess that should be, ‘Open.. slightly’

And while I’m here, let’s try out these guys.

Yup, stickers for the beam shield. I’m of two minds about this. The ability to paint our own shield is a great idea however, for many builders paint isn’t an option and they will need to use the stickers. Will the stickers, four of them, produce a good result?

I’m going to leave my thoughts on the stickers as a point of discussion for the review, which is already under way and should be up faster than you can say, “So where is that review already?”

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    So where is that review already? 😀

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    Looks cool. Can’t wait for the review!

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