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I just recently completed my MG Aile Strike RM kit and at that time had contemplated holding off on the gallery until I had gotten my hands on the Bandai Premium item, the AQM/E-X03 Launcher Striker AQM/E-X02 Sword Striker pack. However, I was so pleased with how the Aile turned out I wanted to share it with everyone right away and so I put up the gallery and told myself I would just have to do another one once I was finished my work on the Striker Packs. Now I have the set in my possession I am eager to get started.

Bandai continues their tradition of releasing online exclusives with bland black and white tinged with color box art. But it’s what’s inside that’s important.

It’s nice to see a fair amount of runners here, even if they are small. It’s also really nice to see these.

Water slide decals!

The manual you see in the first shot unfolds much the same way an HG manual does.

And takes up both sides.

The last page is the marking guide but also shows how things are supposed to sit on the Strike kit.

I’m waist deep in PG (there’s a pun there) but can see myself alternating between the PG and the Strike pack. I’ll play it by ear. Either way it’s gonna be sweet, sweet music.

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  1. Kefka says:

    Not a fan to be honest of the decals. The original Launcher Sword had a really good set

  2. NL says:

    I will still tell myself the RG aile strike and it’s launcher and sword is the best, so then I will not spend money again to buy this MG kit and keep looking at website post longing for this online exclusive MG armor pack. I do have a PG aile strike, so, don’t get tempted. Syd, tell me the PG aile strike is better, please.

    • PG Aile Strike is better

    • I’ll help you reply Syd. =]

      • NL says:

        Yeah~ thanks for your support, Gundam Beginner, I am beginner too, PG Aile strike is the perfect one.

        I love my RG too, MG Aile strike is just a bit too late….I save my money for the next coming PG, hopefully it will be Gundam Unicorn!

    • Bocalt says:

      Proportions of this new MG look great though…

      • NL says:

        Yup…if i am very rich i may consider it, haha.
        so I do need to spend to get some spray paint and start my first painted build gunpla. The Mr.Hobby/ Tamiya spray paints are not cheap, it cost around the same price like a usually SD kit, if i buy 2 can of spray paint, it equals to 2 SD kit or maybe 1 HGUC kit.

  3. Bocalt says:

    Anyone here knows if these parts are the same as those that came with the old MG combination or are these new parts with new engineering and details?

    • Karu says:

      It’s the same Launcher and Sword Striker packs from the old kit. The only difference is that there are new decals and the color is a bit different in this Add-on.

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