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Poor MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka, a kit I have forgotten about twice now. It’s one of those kits that I know I want to do something with but haven’t yet settled on an idea I am confident about. As such it tends to get pushed to the back under the Work Table (what’s the Work Table?) and it would have been lost to the ages had it not been for the Bandai Premium release of the Crossbone X2. I’d be a pretty big jerk if I were to leave the X1 all alone while working on the X2, like someone who ignores the family dog when daddy brings home a new puppy. I’ll figure something out. But for those of you out there who were curious as to what the Crossbone X2 is all about allow me to show you.

Most often the boxes for the Bandai Premium items are just a black and white style image (as shown in the recent Aile Striker packs post) but this one gets the full color Ver. Ka box art treatment. Nice!

You’re pretty much getting the same stuff as the Crossbone X1 but there are some differences.

There’s a shot of two runners and you can see there are two V-fins. There are going to be parts that you won’t need in this kit.

Foil stickers.

Effect parts!

The cape.

And the big addition over the X1? Water slide decals.

And you can see even the manual is in the style of the regular Ver. Ka releases. I am actually glad to see that.

Marking Guide.

I’ll get started on this when I wind down the PG Astray and the Aile Striker parts, but isn’t that what I said about the MG AGE-2 Double Bullet?

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  1. Karu says:

    I still don’t get it. If BANDAI made the effort of making this kit look like a regular release, why not just make it a regular retail? I still haven’t read the Crossbone mangas, but I can tell this variant is very popular. Also with the Tallgeese II. So why a limited online exclusive?
    In fact, why even make these online exclusives? Why not make them all retail?
    Does this mean future Zakus and RX-78s with a different color scheme will just be online exclusives?

    • Shaid says:

      I second this question. Might be worth addressing in an episode of gunpla tv.

      I expect it comes down to people in Japan (where I’d believe most gunpla sales come from) have easy access to the Bandai Online Store, where Bandai can sell these kits for a higher profit margin than through their regular retail channels.

    • Brian says:

      I think with Zakus, they can never do an Online Exclusive with Char’s and the grunt Zaku ever. It’s been a standard to release those two as regulars so far and I think if there will be a 3.0 for Zakus, then we’ll see the same thing.

      As for why Online Exclusives, I think Shaid covers it all. Perhaps also that they want to make quicker moves onto putting new designs for Master Grades (Wing Zero, Tallgeese I, and Jesta). Maybe with the online exclusives, they release designs that may not be (or was) as popular in retail…but who knows what Bandai is thinking

  2. cipher says:

    wow! bandai gave you/us the murasame blaster effect part too..

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