Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got two legs and a skirt so the next step is to work on that PG torso. I could work on the arms and head, I suppose, but how would I attach them to my beautiful legs and skirt?

Get out your runners!

And of course we are starting with the cockpit so Mr. Lowe Guele can have a place to sit comfortably and listen to the radio while he’s stuck in traffic. No wait, that was me on my commute this morning.

The first step in the assembly is really simple and leaves you with the pilot secured safely in his seat.

When you sandwich it in between a couple more frame parts…

… you see how it is meant to slide forward and back.

That assembly is then covered with a couple of armor parts.

The small red frame part has to be pushed right in there.

With the cockpit fully assembled it’s then you move onto building the torso frame around it.

There are a few poly-caps involved in this step.

And another one of these joints.

You find them everywhere on this PG.

This goes into the bottom of the torso frame.

Now just have to close it up.

For shoulder joints you assemble a couple of these.

These are then enclosed in even more frame.

To the underside of this you add a plated part.

This will then fit inside a larger frame piece.

The accompanying frame part houses poly-caps and more plated piston parts.

With all those parts in place you have both shoulder joints.

It’s very interesting how a PG build has these as unit separate from the main torso. These slide downwards into place along a couple of grooves.

Due to the nature of the connection you can take this torso frame apart quite easily. It’s the armor parts that go on after which hold everything together.

With the frame completely finished my Perfect Bust needs to be covered up. What a shame!

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  1. Even with the fast hands of Syd, PG takes quite a while.

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