Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got a naked torso. Before anyone gets too excited, I’m referring to my as of yet unarmored torso frame for the PG Red Astray.

So it’s time to cover this eye-pleasing form up.

The first step it to put on the lower gray armor parts plus frame parts for side of the upper torso. Then put on the collar and the vents.

That collar part is pretty big.

Now for the black armor parts. A narrower piece goes under each shoulder joint and the top of the front of the torso is covered by one large flat piece.

The back still needs to be addressed but that comes later. Before putting that on I took a picture because I liked the effect the poly-caps and their lighter red color gave.

Gotta make this thing.

The black parts attach using grooves.

That little assembly is then attached to the top of the torso.

Now for a joint. Piece on the left is normal plastic frame while the right one is a poly-cap.

The plastic ring goes onto a protrusion that has grooves.

This is then placed inside the frame parts that will make up the lower part of the torso, along with a couple of poly-caps.

Now to add the piston housings.

Snap that up into the main torso.

Trying to get a shot showing the pistons before they are all covered up.

I liked this piston effect so much that I even cut up the side armor piece when assembling the PG Strike Freedom so I could see the pistons much easier. Don’t know if I’ll be doing the same here.

Apply armor!

Then these two tiny parts are brought into the picture.

And, ironically, I didn’t get a shot of where they were used in the build. Shame on me. For the record, they fit into tiny recesses in the large, flat, black armor piece used at the top of the torso.

But now it’s time for the back.

Grab this large piece and a smaller more red piece and slap them on.

Then two small red parts are added and two larger frame red parts go on after.

You can see the tiny tabs sticking out where the small red piece is meant to slide into place.

Once finished with the back you assemble the shoulder joint covers.

That’s easy enough. And it’s easy enough to slap them on.

And then you assemble the lower hatch for the torso.

Slide it on then turn it up.

Now for something that turned out to be pretty tricky; side armor. I thought I had completed the torso but that wasn’t the case. I still needed to get these two parts on either side.

The manual shows that you slide the back part up under the shoulder joint and then apply the front part, yet there didn’t seem to be a way to slide it up under anything. I could see no reason to do it that way. Instead I just put it in place from the side.

From what I could tell this piece is meant to float free and only secured in its position when the other part goes on. You can see a cross-shape just underneath the rod that will attach to the arm when it’s assembled. The underside of the outside armor part connects using that cross, or T, shape.

It was tough to tell if I had them on properly and I had to remove the shoulder covers to give me enough room to work and to allow me to check if the connection was complete.

You can see there is a slight gap there. That was remedied with some elbow grease.

And there’s the torso.

But wait. We’re not done. There’s still the backpack to go.

First step. Take the main piece for the backpack and attach the parts that will be used to connect it to the upper torso.

Then add the part which will be used to attach it to the lower torso.

That does it for that runner.

Add some more backpack parts to fill out the details.

Then those two circular vents/turbines/whatever that make the Red Frame one of the more unique MS out there.

The top of the red parts are covered by a small black part.

Then the same is said for the bottom.

A large armor part is put onto each side followed by a clear part.

Attach it at the bottom first.

And then flip it up and attach it at the top.

And there it is.

Looks good to me. Now to get that onto the skirt. I was warned in advance that the peg could break so I was extra careful and worked slowly to get it properly in place.

Looks mighty sexy so far.

Baby’s got back.

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  1. Jamz says:

    the astray series are works of art, I wanna buy one of those PG’s so bad >.<

  2. spardin says:

    I do love the look of the red and blue frames I don’t know what anyone else thinks when they look at them but they scream SPORT to me like there wareing tracksuits and trainers I can see a team of red vs blue playing zero-G football or something

  3. Woodfish says:

    I’d love to see a Gold, Amatsu, Green, Mirage and the rest of the Astray frames done in MG. However, we may get the Amatsu and that’s about it. It would be nice to have them all together. I doubt we’ll see any other PG Astray though.

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