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I haven’t built the AGE-2 Normal, but I have built the MG Dark Hound and now I’m about to take on the Double Bullet which we know shares quite a lot in common with both of those previously released kits.

I suspect what I am about to tell you you already know.

But it’s plamo so even if you’ve seen it before it’s still cool. On with the Double Bullet show! I know you’ve been waiting for it;

Pilot figures!

What a tease. I had you all excited so I should have shown you this:

A third pilot figure!

Ha! But anyways. Here’s the cockpit (and the sitting pilot figure!)

The seat goes together like this and you can see that it is meant to move.

Once that is done you add some small poly-caps to a frame part.

Plug this into the seat and then put on the cover.

With the cover on the seat still slides down exposing the pilot.

From there add the neck and neck armor.

Then the collar.

Be sure to follow the manual correctly with the collar.

Adding the front armor piece and that unique AGE Gundam clear green piece.

Don’t forget the sticker!

Then put on the cockpit doors.

Next, the big blue armor parts.

The torso looks almost completed but that’s not the case. There’s still the bottom assembly.

And the shoulder joints which help give the AGE MG kits their great articulation.

Then each side armor assembly is put together.

Here is a shot of the connection on the side of the torso for that armor aseembly.

Here’s the underside of the assembly.

There ya go.

Now for the head and these three parts go first.

Drop a poly-cap into this frame part.

Now this.

And now the stickers. Depending on how you want to do this, this step can be fairly painless or a whole lot of work.

Choose wisely.

This is the part that requires all the stickers.

I went with the hard way. Gotta experience this so I can relate the troubles to you, the reader, and spare you frustration. I’m such a nice guy.

The stickers go on much like most other MGs but the surface area is large and more contoured than what we usually deal with.

Difficult to get a picture. I need something to make that head stay in one place so I can snap a good picture. This will do.

Then more stickers area applied onto the forehead.

Now for armor.

This sticker is tiny.

I’m not a big fan of putting a green sticker onto a green piece. Seems redundant to me.

You then put a small armor piece onto the forehead. This allows you a better idea if the stickers you put there are lined up properly.

And there he is.

With the torso done I moved onto the arms and shoulders which, of course no one will be suprised to know, is pretty much the same as the Dark Hound (and the AGE-1 for that matter). Not a lot of explanation will be necesssary.

You build both at the same time, up to a point, and on the Double Bullet you start at the top of the arm.

And work you way down. Here is the upper arm assembly.

And here is the elbow joint.

Lower arm frame. A small part is clipped onto the back of the frame.

Then you flip it up before you apply the armor.

Speaking of armor, here it is.

Then the red part for the cuff is put together using a very large poly-cap.

Leaving what you’ve built so far to the side you next construct the shoulders.

Small poly-caps are laid into each frame part.

The ball joint is normal plastic, however.

Top armor uses these parts.

And a very large part to cover the majority of the frame up.

Now for this assembly which was also used on the Dark Hound.

Slide that into this larger frame part.

Put the remainder of the armor parts on.

With the next step you are again given a choice.

Go with the larger squarish piece or the round piece, I went square.

Now you’ve got everything to construct your Double Bullet’s arms.

Lastly you build the hands, the only finger-swapping hands I like.

Here’s a shot of the articulation in the arm.

To get these onto your kit you need these parts.

But I should point out that the manual doesn’t state for you to put the arms on yet. Guess I’ll just have to wait.

Last shot shows the two positions you can put the top armor in. The difference is very small and I suspect mostly for the transformation and not for any kind of visual effect, but I won’t know for certain until I get the rest of this guy together. Hopefully that will be soon.

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