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Once again I found myself with some free time, though not much, but when I realized I had it I didn’t hesitate. I opened up the PG Astray Red Frame box and pulled out what I would need to assemble the skirt.

Aside from those runners I also need this.

A die-cast piece that will be the center point of this skirt assembly.

I first enclosed the die-cast piece inside a plastic shell.

Then this was placed inside of the larger skirt frame parts.

Fits perfect! Pun intended!

Once that’s done more frame parts are applied.

That little plastic section at the bottom is actually a flap that flips in to lock the leg peg in place.

The front armor is really simple.

But you do but a couple of pieces in the underside of that large white piece before attaching it to the frame.

A small part is then stuck onto the bottom of the skirt frame.

This part slides forward and back.

The rear armor is even simpler than the the front. Just two part combine to make the center block.

This piece actually moves slightly though it’s hard to notice.

Here are the rear skirts.

I feel kind of ripped off. It’s a perfect grade kit I’m building but the Red Frame is such a simple design that it doesn’t take many parts.

Front skirts are similar to those found on the rear.

It does however feature a pretty uniquely-shaped poly-cap.

And just like that I’m almost done. Time for the side skirts.

The design is pretty simple yet quite cool. You can see these white parts are meant to split apart revealing the frame underneath.

If I were to hazard a guess I would say this is meant to allow the katana to attach to the side skirts. How’d I do?

To get the side skirts on the frame you just plug them onto a ball joint.

Add a tiny piece to the top of the front and…

…you’ll find it hard to get a good picture of the completed skirt because the front and back are of different lengths and it can’t stand up. This is the best I could do.

I did it! I completed a whole section of my PG kit in one sitting. That feels like an accomplishment. I shouldn’t be too proud of myself. I’m still less than half done. (PG is awesome!)

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