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Man, these Perfect Grade kits take a while. With MGs or RGs I find I can work for an hour or two and have a leg (or two) finished or at least fully build one section of the kit before stopping. With PGs it’s a different story. I’ve worked on it for a couple of sessions and haven’t even finished one leg yet! After having my first session with the PG Red Astray cut short I had to wait over 24 hours before I got another shot at it. I managed to finish assembling the frame for the lower leg so now I can put the top and bottom leg sections together.

And from here I start the process of armoring the entire thing but first a few more frame parts.

See the parts at the bottom of this image? These are joined and then placed onto the leg frame. When I joined them together I noticed this.

This kind of surprised me. Something given the name Perfect Grade should be without blemish you would think, yet seeing that connection peaking out at the bottom of those parts made me a little sad. Perhaps it won’t be noticeable once everything is together. It will be placed over the piston housings at the bottom of the leg.

And now for a little contraption for the back of the leg.

These parts all combine together to make a jointed assembly.

This is then placed on the back of the leg.

Once I had that on I noticed something peculiar.

You can see how it goes over top of the frame leaving some of the unique characteristics unused. I know this kit shares many of the same frame parts as the Strike PG kit (and the Strike Freedom) but this kind of drives that point home.

Now for some clear parts.

These are meant for the side of the leg and are placed over top of the armor parts.

Then the piece I mentioned before is put on.

You know, I can still see it. Maybe it’s because I’m looking for it, though.

More armor parts.

Put those three parts together and then attach it to the leg.

Looking like a leg.

These three parts fit together using grooves.

Add a white armor piece.

Then on it goes.

The next step I chose to do was assemble the hip joint.

And then work on the armor for the upper leg.

All these pieces combine to make…

Super Huge Armor Piece!

Then a red part (just cuz).

And one of the final steps on the leg is to place the knee armor parts on.

With a leg completed you get to build a second one. But I opted to first prepare my ankle armor pieces.

And just as I got those ready, my time ran out for the second session of the build. Am I ever going to finish this thing?

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  1. Yeah, I can still see it too.. But it won’t be too bad once the armour guard is on.

  2. Tony says:

    This is making me want to get a PG… but I’ve had a backlog for months now (mostly MGs, one RG and an HG or two) filled with partially done kits… so a PG would quite possibly take me about 823456 years.

    • syd says:

      I literally laughed out loud when I read the ‘823456 years’ part. (now the co-workers are looking at me funny).

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