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Can you believe it, because I still am unsure if what I experienced actually happened. I was at work doing my work things and my boss comes up to me waving a plastic bag around. While difficult to read with him gesticulating like he was I still was able to make out three letter or, more accurately, three numbers on the front of the package.


“Is that the RX-78-2 3.0?!”, I exclaimed. Yes, it was. It turns out Bandai sent us a couple of pre-release bare bone versions of their heavily-hyped, August release kit. While all the plastic is there, the other things we have come to expect in a Gunpla box are absent. But it’s a pre release kit! I don’t need no manual artwork!

So let me share what I was given with the Gunpla world.

Here’s the 3.0 box, er bag, contents. There is a lot of plastic in this bag so let’s look at some of these runners a little closer.

Here are the runners that make up the frame. One runner, I, is for the main torso and frame parts you only find one of while J and J2 make up the arms and legs for the most part.

Here is the majority of the armor found on runners F1 and F2, and G1 and G2. H also has armor parts but it’s the darker gray color that is found underneath the main armor.

This is the E runner.

You can see the color separation for the lighter blue as well as the lighter, pinkier red (right side top).

K runner is the rifle and bazooka parts.

The bazooka and rifle are the exact same as the 2.0 kit’s except you don’t use the handles found on the runner. Bandai supplies different parts for those on another runner. Remember, this guy has the new type hands.

These look to be the same as those on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka, Sinanju Stein, Ver Ka, and Jesta.

The shield and bazooka parts are from the 2.0 as well from what I can tell.

L runner has the backpack parts as well as hand covers.

The C runner is clear parts for the head assembly to make the LED light shine up through the eyes.

Not pictured here are the parts/runners which make up the core fighter. The core fighter is the same one as found in the 2.0 kit, so for those who were wondering if we get a new Core Fighter, well that’s not the case.

As soon as I left work I went straight home and told my wife that after dinner I would be devoting my evening to putting together the 3.0 and that’s exactly what I did after having a great meal of Mrs. Gai-Gun’s Special Pasta (it’s delicious, btw).

Assembly took me about four hours (but photography definiltely slows the pace), but I left one arm and leg unarmored as I wanted viewers to see the interior frame. Some sections were notable for being similar to what I’ve already experieced while other areas were all new and not entirely easy. I’ve got all the pictures I took of the assembly of the kit, though haven’t yet built the weapons. With the release date scheduled for August 10th my plan is to release my review of the kit to coincide with that date and then the WIP posts shortly after. But in the meantime, here’s some nice pictures for everyone to check out and tide you over.

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  1. christian says:

    nice looking suit, the inner frame though is a bit underwhelming but at least it works!

    • NL says:

      yup, it’s RX-78-2, simple is nice. I still think bandai should provide ready painted part for the gold colour joint at the elbows and knees area. Otherwise, it just looks so similar like RG.

  2. Michael says:

    What kind of stickers are included with the kit? RG-like thin film or thick stickers like those that Nu ver.Ka used for color variation? It’s just that VF-1 stickers are of that thick film type, so I’m curious if this is a one-off.

  3. Tony says:

    Really not sure how I feel about this one. While I respect the RX-78-2, it doesn’t get any special nostalgia treatment in my eyes, so to me this looks like a scaled up RG. Also, looks like there’s a ton of foils used for frame details, not sure about those. Will be looking forward to your future posts about the kit.

  4. zenstrive says:

    The hands look off-scale, too big…

    • Karu says:

      No they’re not. The hands of the RX-78-2 are SUPPOSED to be big. It was always large in the official illustration. Not to mention that the 2.0 had large hands as well.

  5. dave says:

    nice and that’s fast! I am following to see more new in-depth review sid

    btw: are the plastics the same materials as sinanju ova or mg nu ver ka?


    • syd says:

      Thanks Dave. It was fast because I made myself sit down and power through it so we could film it the next day, but I would have liked to have taken more time on it. The frame is the newer plastics found in the Sinanju Ova and Nu Ver Ka.

  6. Pshyga says:

    wow, you built it in 4 hours. what a speedy builder

    • Pshyga says:

      but if i look back when i built my strike ver rm, i think it took fair amount of time to built. because rx 78-2 is simple just like strike ver rm. i’ll be waiting for your deeper review, just like dave said.

  7. Ryan Edgar says:

    My disappointment with the 3.0 is unchanged, i can tell you by looking at the runners that the whole hip area is taken exactly from the 2.0, all that’s different is they added some panel lines to the exterior armor. All the weapons are taken from the 2.0 aswell.

    It should be called the 2.1

    I know your excited about this kit Syd, but it’s really not what it claims to be. It’s got an inferior chest design, sacrificing the core fighter for a pointless Led socket. The arms and legs don’t look like they will have anymore flexibility than a 2.0. There’s really nothing special here

    • syd says:

      You make some good points, Ryan, and I also noticed that most of the torso and skirt are from the 2.0 but I think if you checked over the various fora and sites that I participate in that I wasn’t necessarily excited for the 3.0 (though any new kit excites me somewhat and getting an early version definitely helped me become more than passive) as I felt it was a little more than an up-scaled RG. Now that I’ve had time with the kit and have actually assembled it my thoughts are more clear on how I feel about it but I don’t want to put them in writing yet as the best place for it, I feel, is in the review which I will reveal in just over a week.

      • Ryan Edgar says:

        Oh if I was offered a sneak peek at it, I’d definitely go for it aswell. I was mistaken about your excitement over the kit, but i do look forward to a review. A side by side comparison with 1.0 and 2.0 kits would be a interesting one 🙂

  8. Jack says:

    Did you apply the decals on this straight build? I’m planning to do a straight build on an MG of any kits that I would acquire. I’m afraid I don’t have much free time to spend on painting.

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