Gaijin Gunpla

You wanna know the best part about building a Perfect Grade kit? The fact that it’s so big you don’t put it back in the box between sessions but instead leave it sitting on your work table (or in my case, the kitchen table) and each time you walk in the room you get to see it. Sure I’ve only got a torso, skirt, and legs finished but it still is awesome to see that greeting me when I come downstairs in the morning or return in the evening after work. It’s like a loyal dog, but without the mess. It’s going to look wicked awesome once the head is on. Prepare the runners.

And being a PG you’re going to need to do the LED assembly and the metal parts for that are here.

Construction begins with some red parts (duh) but also one small grey part. There’s not much gray on this kit but the head is one place where you’ll find a piece that’s gray.

Attach a couple of side frame pieces.

Now for the facemask. I’ve already put the sticker on the eye piece.

The sticker is meant to bend around some sharp angles so the alignment is a little trickier than I’m used to.

Me likey.

Combine that with the frame you’ve arleady assembled.

A tiny sticker is meant to go on the top red frame part but I left it off for now.

At this stage you turn your attention to putting together the LED circuit. You are meant to drop the metal parts and the LED itself onto a frame part. Fortunately, the manual provides an image of what it should look like when completed.

How did I do?

Looks correct to me.

Then slap the top part on to close it up and hold all those small things in place.

Now I need a battery.

Flip your LED assembly over and put in the battery. Be sure to test it before closing the assembly with the included screw.


Now for the top of Astray’s head.

This along with the armor parts for both sides are then put on.

Now insert the LED assembly and then put on the armor on the back of the head.

Two small red parts finish it off.


(Tangent: When I first came to Japan my first job was working in an English preschool and I taught a class of 4 year olds. One day one of them told me, “I went to see the illumination in Tokyo.” I was dumbfounded. What’s a 4 year old doing using that word? It turns out that’s what they call Christmas lights in Japan.)

Need the fin!

That’s a sexy face you got there.

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  1. zetaone71 says:

    Me likey……..

  2. Mathai says:

    That’s interesting. In India we use the same term for light displays during festive occasions.

  3. Tony says:

    The Red and Blue Frames have two of the best looking Gundam heads out there, hands down.

  4. Bocalt says:

    Hi, I think its time for you to “score”/compare with the MGs, I understand they featured lots of frame details inherited from the PG and even improvements as far as engineering go. I would love at least a line of comparison and a scoring.

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