Gaijin Gunpla

As if the Geara Doga wasn’t big, bulky, and heavy enough, with the Suit done I’ve still got to add a bunch more plastic in the forms of a backpack, shield, and weapons. Actually, despite his size he’s not that heavy thanks to the poly-styrene plastic the frame is molded in. But still! Look at the size of these parts.

That’s the backpack for the most part but it still needs its thrusters.

Two big ones for the sides and four small ones, two top and two bottom. They just plug into the backpack.

I would just like to commend bandai for designing the thrusters like this. With the stem of the inner part longer than the outer part you now have no problem getting them separated if you wish to take them apart for painting, etc. The evolution of the hobby right in front of my eyes.

Here’s the connection on the back of the suit.


Now for the big guns.

This small piece is placed inside the rifle body and will be able to move in and out. A customizeable rifle stock. Sweet.

Add the barrel, the handle (which interestingly comes as two pieces) and the ammo cartridge.

Gun number two.

Much the same.

Dat Shield!

These pieces are huge but to join the top of the shield with the larger bottom part you only need two parts to make the connection. You then build the bottom part much like the top but do fit a poly-cap in there.

A couple additions are put on the top before the shield halves are joined together.


I think the Geara Doga shield is my new favourite shield and with all the awesome shields out there that’s saying something.

And now for these things! There are four in total so you get a pile of parts.

You can see how that red end is comprised of two parts.

Once assembled they fit onto the underside of the shield.

And as if that wasn’t enough you still get the effect parts and handles.

And also extra ammo cartridges.

And the last thing you do, besides marveling at Doga’s coolness, is to build the hands. These are the hands introduced with the MG Marasai.

Speaking of Marasai.. Oh, I’ll save that for later. Gotta get this guy into the studio.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Gosh, can’t wait for the review and comparison with the Masarai…

  2. John Butler says:

    Thanks for blogging this, Syd! This will be my first MG build, once it arrives here in the states. Can’t wait to get it! I’ve done a couple of HGUC kits, but this is going to be a completely different.

    Will you be painting this guy eventually?


    • Bocalt says:

      Wow your first MG 🙂 its always something special… watch out though at being spoiled by a 2013 kit, might not be able to enjoy a few older MGs… 😉

    • syd says:

      John, you’ve made a good choice and in some ways spoiling yourself. Your first MG is one of the latest ones using all newest design elements. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere but yours will be quite the start.

  3. OJ says:

    MG Marasai Unicorn Colour Version perhaps?

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