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It’s tough to sit down and build the Gentei Launcher and Sword Striker Packs when you’re busy trying to sit down and build the Gentei MG Crossbone X2 Ver Ka while also building a PG Red Astray and, at the same time, an MG AGE-2 Double Bullet but next week sees the release of the Master Grade Geara Doga and the week after brings two new RGs so it’s kind of now or never for the Aile Strike RM Add-on. A quick look in the box reveals…

Water-slide decals. Bandai seems to include a set of waterslides in almost all Online Shop MG kits these days (which is awesome!) The runners have interesting designations such as R, S, T, U, and V (from memory) which leads me to think that perhaps this was originally intended to be included with the RM but was removed in favour of selling it separately.

There’s also a set of foil stickers.


Let the assembly begin.

First up is the green stuff!

The riddle of where the stickers go is solved.


So with all this green stuff assembled, how does it go on the Strike? Like this.

With that attaching from the side of the shoulder you then put together the little sections that will go on from the front and back.

Slap that on your Strike.

Looks cool so far. Now for the assembly that plugs into the back of the Strike.

Plugging it into the back of the Strike it seems quite wide yet it doesn’t inhibit the movement of the shoulder with that green pack on there.

Now for some kind of arm.

This arm is used to hold that monster green weapon which just so happens to be what you assemble next. Look at the size of these pieces!

Insert some small red parts.

Then some small green parts.

Then back to some large green parts. There are a lot of large green parts in this box.

More green.

Still more green!

The arm that you assembled before you went crazy with the green plugs into the underside of the big weapon.

At least I think it’s the underside. If something is almost completely round can it be said to have an underside?

The other end of the arm plugs into the side of the backpack.

Finally the green comes to the end and you move on to the blue.

This little assembly is placed on the other shoulder.

Now the manual states I need some very small parts from the Aile Strike RM.

Here’s that runner.

And the parts that I need from that runner.

So what’s the point of putting these on a runner in the Aile Strike kit instead of just including them with the Launcher/Strike Packs kit? Anyway, back to the blue. Gotta make two sides.

Now I’ll put the sides onto the shoulder.

(It was mentioned to me on facebook that I may have these on upside down/reversed. C’est la vie. It’s always easy to fix something you just place on, but at the time I wasn’t aware it was incorrect and because it fit fine just kept going.)

Now another backpack.

Oh, and this little blue contraption.

This goes on the back of the Strike’s arm.

Now for the sword. Yay, swords!

It’s quite long, though not as thick as that big gun.

This is the arm that connects the sword to the backpack.

Looks alright. Now about that Perfect Strike…

I guess I need these parts.

To get this on the Aile Pack you have to slide the lower part of the pack forward.

This creates an opening that you can plug the extra parts into.

A little protrusion actually holds these extra parts in place.

Now to get this on the Strike you plug the Aile Pack in as you normally would but you may have to adjust the angle of the lower half of the pack to get it to plug into the kit, and that makes the extra parts unsecure and they fall off, so you put them back on again but because you had to slide the lower half of the Aile pack forward to get the extra parts on the connection between the upper and lower halves of the kit is so tenuous that the Aile Pack just comes apart. After being very careful, I was able to get the pack with the extra parts in place and onto the Strike.

Which makes the Strike so heavy that there’s now way that the legs can keep it up. I mentioned how the Duel Gundam had such loose legs after only a short time and the same is true for the Strike. He falls over easily.

So the solution is to use that great stand included with the RM, so I put everything back on the Strike and went to put him on the stand and the extra parts were in the way and prevented me from plugging the connector from the stand into the back of the skirt so I removed the extra parts, attached him to the stand, and then went to put on the extra parts and the Aile pack came apart again. Went to put it back on and the rear skirt fell apart and he fell off the stand. And then the aggravation became greater than the anticipation for the end result and I put him back in the box and ate my dinner. Cuz I was hungry. I have little patience when I’m hungry.

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  1. Brian says:

    The reason why the runners for the Add-ons are R, S, T, U, and V is because this was a re-release from the 2008’s Sword and Launcher Strike MG. The remaster Strike provides attachment points and pieces to make the 2013 Strike compatible with the 2008’s add-on. The difference with this one is minor color changes and waterslide decals.

    Believe it or not, I found my Strike unbelievably backheavy and yet still standing without glues, support, or stand.

    • syd says:

      Everyone, don’t listen to me. Listen to Brian. He knows. Actually someone had asked me if it was the same and I had to say I didn’t know because I’ve never built the old Launcher/Sword Strike kit.

      • Brian says:

        Hahaha いいだよ!!i am humbled Syd-sensei!!!
        I built the old Strike and ven though its showing age, I found it to be a great kit. I also realaized that most of the Hobby Online 限定 kits are reprints of the past (i.e. Meteor Unit for RG Freedom and Justice, Flying Armor and G-Defenser for RG Mk II, or this add-on) or reprints in different color (i.e. Tallgeese II, Zaku Tri-Stars or Johnny Ridden version, or Marasai).

      • Brian says:

        Wow I can’t spell. Even* and realized*

    • Pshyga says:

      Very heavy, the upper body always lean backward when you put all packs together.

    • Bocalt says:

      So it is the 2008 kit… that’s what i desperately wanted to know, was hoping it was something with improved engineering post MG Buster and RG Strike 🙁

  2. Pshyga says:

    You should slide backward the upper booster, so the polycap will appear and there you should put the battery pack. I did like what you did for the first time I put the battery pack on aile striker pack. When you assembled the aile striker pack, there are 2 polycaps inserted at that white and long thing. So, the pack not placed on that gap. Thx

    • syd says:

      I thought so too, but couldn’t get the pack to move to reveal that second poly-cap.

      • Pshyga says:

        Just grip on the booster, apply a very little power to move the booster. And, click… The polycap revealed.

      • Pshyga says:

        Just pull out the large wing before pull the booster, it should be easier that way. I did that several time, when I want to put that battery pack.

  3. JS LEE says:

    LOL. just after reading how u got the swords backwards, you also got the blue fore-arm shield back wards as well. the center grey piece sandwiched by 2 blue triangular piece is on back wards. the side of the shield with the 2 different shades of blue should be on the outside.

  4. Ryan Edgar says:

    Doesnt this version attach to the stand from between the legs like the prior version?

    • Michael says:

      Waist is different on the new Strike, so there’s no hardpoint between the legs, however kit has an adapter that allows you to attach the stand into the hole that is used to connect stand’s cables to MS

  5. Earl says:

    This is a good tutorial, so base from the comments above, the 2008 S/L kit is compatible with the Aile Strike Ver. RM

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