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The rainy season is over in Japan. How do I know that? Well, the rain has stopped for one, but also, it’s topped 35 degrees outside for the first time this year. Yup, it’s that wonderful time of year in Japan when the temperatures sore and (if you’re smart) you spend all your time inside your house underneath an air-conditioner. (If you’re not smart you fall victim to heat stroke, like 691 people did yesterday.) Being stuck inside all day means I cans builds Gundam? Well, yes and no. Because Gai-Gun Jr. is also stuck inside it means I have to make sure she is entertained (in a good way, not the stick-an-iPad-in-front-of-her bad away). Yet I still found some time to get some building done and finished off the Double Bullet. For the most part the second half of the build is identical to that of the Dark Hound so I don’t feel the need to be too descriptive but I did take plenty of pictures.

You start the skirt like you start other MG skirts, with the largest frame pieces.

But remember, this is a transforming kit so it quickly becomes a little more complex than what we’re used to with Master Grade kits. Here are the assemblies that allow the legs to connect to each side of the skirt.

These are secured in place by the rear skirt frame part.

And that’s it for frame so now for the armor. Here are the parts for all the front armor areas.

And here are the parts for the back.

Check out the ridiculous placement of this gate.

Now the frame for the upper leg is assembled.

And the frame for the lower leg is mostly made up of one large piece.

The first armor parts brought into the assembly of the legs are these tiny parts.

This is actually part of a gimmick. These look like missiles of some kind and they are stored in the lower leg. They are secured in place by a frame piece put on from underneath.

A poly-cap is secured in the bottom of the lower leg by the placement of a second frame part.

Now we can start putting on the armor pieces but we only get so far before having to put them aside.

We leave them in that stae because we need to get the feet assembled before the leg can be completed.

With a poly-cap holding the front half the foot on it’s almost HG like in its design.

Tilt the red piece down so you can fit on that tiny frame part.

Two more armor pieces then complete the foot.

The ankle frame is just a double ball-jointed piece covered by a frame part.

Hip joint.

Taking what you have so far you can snap together the hip, upper, and lower leg sections.

And then add the last of the armor for the lower leg.

And then plug in the foot and your leg is finished.

Side skirts.

When it comes to putting your MS together you first have to connect the torso and the skirt.

And then connect the legs.

And before you connect the arms you first put the side skirts in place.

The arms go on last.

Looks pretty good to me (better than the Dark Hound, in my opinion).

Not a fan of the long back skirt though.

Oh wait. Did I forget to put on the big fin on the back? Yes, I did.

Okay. Now I can move on to those other things. What were they called again?

Twin Dods Cannon. Okay.

First assemble these things that look like rifles.

Be sure not to forget this little piece that fits inside.

Complete the rifle-like thing with a few more parts.

Now take this large frame part that looks like it’s meant for a shield.

Plug in a poly-cap and a snall hollow square piece.

Then add these two little side parts that look like they are meant to slide in those grooves on either side.

Secure everything by putting on the last large frame part.

Now for a large red piece and a couple frame colored parts.

Plug in the rifle thingy.

Then the moving side parts will slide forward and close around the rifle.

With those closed and holding the rifle in place you then put the remaining armor parts on.

Once those were done I was struck by how much extra plastic remains.

These are left over from the AGE-2 Normal kit I am guessing. I also cut away the empty runners leaving only the extra frame parts that were unused.

And don’t forget the beam saber handles.

These only go together a certain way and it requires some force to snap them into place.


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  1. seppe says:

    looking awesome 🙂
    you can use some of the extra parts to make the wing binders from the age-2 normal and put them on the double bullet

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