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The 1/100 MG AMS-119 Geara Doga is one of those kits that came with a lot of hype as it’s one of those suits that hasn’t yet seen any MG love. While not too knowledgable about the suit and its role in the Gundam Universe I was interested in the new Master Grade kit because it looks to have many similarities with last year’s MG Marasai, which I built and then built into something else.

Box art looks good and does what it should; makes the Geara Doga look good. Actually it looks pretty bad ass in this image.

Box Contents

Good sized box with a lot of plastic and right away the size of the parts bear mentioning.

Those are some huge parts and fat!

The Geara Doga comes with some effect parts.

And some very bendy plastic for the tubing.

There are a fair amount of markings as well.

One thing that isn’t included unfortunately is one thing most people want.

The Pink LED. Bandai sells the Green LED through regular retail outlets but the pink is only a limited item, unfortunately. I hold out hope that they’ll release the pink and yellow LEDs like they did the green.


Looks old school.

I’m digging the frame.

The marking guide is fairly simple which is quite welcome.

I’ve got plans throughout the weekend but I hope to squeeze some Geara Doga in there.

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  1. Brian says:

    Just paid for mine and waiting for RG GP01s! Cannot wait for this bad boy!

  2. Quanza says:

    I was kinda missing that manual cover syle.

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