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The 1/100 MG AMS-119 Geara Doga is its own animal. Sure it has a lot in common with the Zaku and but its nearest relative would probably be the Marasai, a kit that was released just over a year ago. It would make sense to expect the Geara Doga to be very similar to the MG Marasai but there are enough differences to set the two apart and give the edge to the Geara Doga which is likely a result of Bandai having a year to change some things and incorporate new ideas.

Overall Look: 9/10

This is one big kit and all the proportions speak to that as well. He just looks towering. The shoulder armor is full of win though from some angles I am reminded of the Zaku F2000 (which isn’t a compliment).

The new flexible tubing found on this kit works splendidly and brings out those areas.

There are some really nice panel line details to be found on the Doga notably on the torso.

But what about the head? Sure you can put the spike on there but I left it as is.

It reminds me of something. I’m not sure what…

(Am considering painting some orange.)

Colors: 9/10

Zaku green, of course, but the darker green there constrasts nicely without seeming like too much. Add to that the yellow from the tubing and the orange from the thrusters and this guy isn’t just a big green giant.

Weapons: 10/10

For a big brute like this I would expect the beam axe and a rifle but Geara Doga has two rifles to go along with three effect parts for different types of beam weapons. He’s also got that awesome shield.

And more goodies are found underneath that.

There is almost too much here!

Articulation: 7/10

The range of movement in the Doga is actually better than I thought it would be and the legs feature as much articulation as almost any other good-posing MG out there, though you will get to the point where the front of the foot starts coming off the floor.

That has more to do with the armor blocking the ankle than a lack of flexibility in the hips and knees.

The arms move well but will experience some droopage if you’ve got the big shield attached.

But it does maintain its position well even with that massive backpack on.

Don’t expect any movement in the neck, though. That large collar combined with the tubing means Doga’s head isn’t going anywhere.

Build Design: 10/10

The Doga has a lot of good things going for it beginning something it shares with the Marasai, the ability to take an LED.

It might be tricky to get the head off the Doga when the time comes to turn the LED on or off but if you’re careful you don’t need to worry about anything coming apart.

You can even see the pilot in his chair with the head removed. For some reason I think that’s cool.

The other ‘big’ thing on the Doga is the tubing that I’ve already mentioned about 100 times by now.

This stuff is awesome! I love the Zaku II 2.0 kits, and the other kits in the same vein such as the Gouf 2.0 and also last year’s Marasai but the most tedious part of all of those builds was the armor collars. With the Doga you don’t have to deal with tiny circular pieces that roll all over the place. Instead you just take the flexible tubing and put it onto the frame. Finishing the assembly secures it in place and you’re free to move onto the next step in your Gear Doga. Maybe it could be considered a small design change but it makes a big difference in the enjoyment of a build.

Other cool design elements are the side skirts ability to take the extra ammo cartridges.

While this isn’t anything new or awe-inspiring the mold of the frame part has little plastic tabs sticking up that allow you to insert either ammo cartridge into the compartment and have them not go anywhere even though they are differents shapes/sizes.

Putting beam sabers and whatnot into side compartments is a cool gimmick but many times it just sits in there and falls out as soon as you open the hatch or worse, pick up the kit and move it around.

The shield attaches to the back of the arm not by some of the crazier connections we’ve seen on big MG kits but just by plugging it in, but it is a strong connection and allows you to pose your kit without having to account for a loose shield.

The hands for the Geara Doga are the same to the Marasai’s but not quite identical.

Here you can see two lengths of plastic that match grooves found in the rifle handle. Once those hand is placed in those grooves that rifle isn’t going anywhere. It works really well. I did have one issue, however, when it came to hand-swapping.

When trying to pull just the hand off of the arm in order to put another on, the cuff part on the lower arm would come off along with the frame part and poly-cap. While this isn’t such a big deal and it’s easy to fix the frame cuff does seem kind of loose or just not secured in place and will move around on you when you’re playing around with the kit and its weapons.

One other little design element worth mentioning is that this kit is undergated. Okay, that’s not really true. There is one undergate. Found on the shoulder armor.

It’s nice to see Bandai putting an undergate on a surface that shouldn’t be cut flat.

Fun Factor: 10/10

This guy is great fun to build and I took great enjoyment from watching those massive arms come together and also the legs (oh how I love my legs) with those large rounded pieces.

The addition of the tubing in place of individual armor collar parts means you’re not spending the bulk of your building time working on something that requires a lot of repeition which keeps your mind on the build and the kit in front of you. Plus, it looks bad-ass each step of the way.

Extras: 7/10

Extra hands (which work this time) as well as ammo cartridges and even a substitute head so you can change the look of your Geara are included as well as those big effect parts which you’ll find yourself putting to good use.

One thing that simply can’t be understated is that this kit is a big boy. You get a lot of plamo for your money. How big you ask?

“You compared me to the Marasai?”

“Get outta here.”

The Geara Doga is a fantastic kit and one that shouldn’t be missed though I fear he may not get the attention he deserves coming just before the RG GP01s and less than a month before the RX-78-2 3.0 I do hope anybody who was curious about it gives it a try. It’s well worth it.

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  1. GN says:

    This looks a nice kit Syd! I’ve got it in the pipe to arrive with my next order, so in the meantime I’ve got to think on what paint scheme to give it! I’m keen on keeping green, but not sure on if going for a full metallic green would be best, or a muted green and green / blue with the edges darkened and silver weathered like I did the Zaku PG?

  2. Ryan Edgar says:

    This kits definetly going on the wish list. Looks brilliant!

  3. Wolfbane says:

    I do agree that the new tubes on the MG Geara Doga are quite nice…perhaps something Bandai could use in a modified form on a 3.0 Zaku II. Though I wouldn’t blame the low scores for articulation and extras since it’s a bulky grunt after all…and bulky grunts aren’t quite known for their gimmicks.

    BTW, the Geara Doga has more in common with ZZ Gundam’s Zaku III than it does the Marasai since the late test models of the Zaku III were used to develop the Geara Doga into a simple, easy to use grunt.

    • syd says:

      I should have written that I compare the MG model Geara Doga closest to the Marasai as they share a lot in common. Thanks for mentioning the Zaku III. I’m gonna have to look at it.

      • Wolfbane says:

        I would definitely agree gunpla-wise the Marasai is about as close as you can get to the Geara Doga for now (as I doubt there’ll be a Zaku III in MG form for a long time and a Geara Zulu would be much more likely but still hasn’t been announced). Overall though I think more MG grunts would be a good thing because they end up being some of the better models out there.

  4. Josh says:

    Oh jeez. So many models to buy. I guess I’ll have to wait for the other reviews to see which to get. I really want them all.

  5. Chris says:

    Damn.. Need to get one for myself so I can add it to my custom collection..

  6. Brian says:

    I would’ve gotten it along with the GP01s by now but HLJ still hasn’t shipped it yet!!! What on earth is going on?! FedEx Express shipping option never failed me until now 🙁

    • Mike says:

      It took my last order about a week to process : not complaining, only sharing a time frame.

      Probably just swamped with orders and what not, no worries your order will reach you.

      • Brian says:

        I hope you’re right 🙁

      • S.Lee says:

        Hello Brian, HLJ took about week to ship my order out too. so don’t worry too much about it. HLJ is one of best gunpla bender in the word. Its just this time HLJ got swarmed with orders during Japanese Holiday season. Your order with come soon enough.

    • syd says:

      Hi Brian, Normally I would say for HLJ issues email but you are not the only one waiting patiently (some are waiting impatiently judging from the tones in the emails) for your much anticipated items. HLJ has got their warehouse open six days a week to pack these orders but the sheer amount of them is unprecedented so the company has been bringing on more staff to get orders out to all the waiting customers.

      • Brian says:

        Wow so I’m not the only one huh. Well that puts some ease. I guess I’ll be waiting for it by building that MG Sword Impulse 😉 I also got the Marasai and the X2 coming in today or tomorrow so I guess I’ll have my hands full

      • S.Lee says:

        Hello Syd, I have to say I am really impressed with HLJ for its quick and detailed response to mail I sent to HLJ. Now I can shop with full confidence my order or orders will be handle by best people in the field.

  7. BAP says:

    syd – I know that you are full of praise for the new tubing but the pictures are concerning. I can’t help but see the large seam lines. And based on it being a flexible plastic it would seem to me to be very hard to remove them. I also wonder how well they can be painted.

    Do you (or anyone else out there) have any insight on that?

  8. Private Kururugi says:

    Thanx for the recommendation syd! I do admit that i wasn’t interested in this kit at 1st, but right after watching this review, i have decided that i should give this kit the attention it really deserves and going to do him justice. Thanks syd for the awesome review like always!

  9. Bocalt says:

    Finally decided to get this kit over the 3.0, one last question though how does it compare the Sinanju’s size, frame and engineering?

  10. Khean says:

    Hi Syd, I’m new to gundam modelling. I bought this kit. I have one major problem, the right leg would not attach to the body. Do you have any solution to this? I like the build very much but it’s pretty frustrating just to get it to even stand straight. Hope you can help.

  11. Ian says:

    Lovin this kit! Its big, bulky and brutal, just the way I like it… Only flaw for me though is that the kit tends to do the splits when you make a dynamic pose. But overall, nice kit! Seig Zeon!

  12. Brian says:

    Hello this might seem like the a dumb question but… Is the LED included? If not… Do you know the model number of that LED or any sites that sell it?

    Thank you

  13. Alvin says:

    My geara doga leg is getting really loose on the connection between the leg and the waist, how’s yours syd?

  14. andrew says:

    hey syd would u be willing to sell your geara doga? oob no paint job on it just straight clean build of it?

  15. Paul Emical* says:

    Hello Syd,

    in your experience, should I topcoat this kit, do you think the tubing could create any problem (e.g. topcoat cracking/chipping)?

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