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I’m sure right now everyone is wishing to read the MG Geara Doga review, or WIP on the two newest RGs the GP01s. Well, I’d love to say I have all that ready but that’s not the case. This weekend I was buried under a Gunplavalanche (made that word up just this instant) and while I’ve got a lot built not all images are ready. What was I busy doing this weekend? Here’s the list.

*Painting the PG Red Astray armor parts. Only a few red parts left.

*Assembling both Real Grade GP01s (about half done).

*Working on both the MG Crossbone X1 Ver Ka and the MG Crossbone X2 Ver Ka. The X1 has been painted but I still need to do panel lines and markings. The X2 is awaiting its markings and the weapon assembly.

*Assembling, decaling, and photographing a MG Marasai Unicorn Version limited edition kit. It’s all done.

And that was just this weekend!

So why a Red Frame post? Well, I had taken some nice photographs of the painted frame and had wanted to put them up last week but then got handed the MG RX-78-2 3.0 kit, so of course I dropped everything to build that. At this point in time I feel that if I don’t put up these pictures of the frame now then before I know it the whole Red Astray kit will be done and I’ll be showing that and the frame pics will be forgotten so I’ll put them up here for all to see and while you’re critiqueing my work I’ll be editing images and writing posts for the RG GP01s… and Unicorn Marasai… and Crossbones… and deciding what to do with all the images I have of the WIP for the 3.0. I got 99 problems…

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  1. John Butler says:

    Great looking frame! May I ask what you used to paint it? Not having been close to a PG myself, I’m wondering if the frame has its original articulation now that it is painted. Do you paint it in pieces or as a whole? Sorry to bug you with questions, but I really appreciate the work you put into this site.


    • syd says:

      Hi John, I used Tamiya’s Metallic red, with some Mica Red in areas like the piston housings. Unfortunately, the frame being a red to begin with the Mica red and Metallic red look almost the same. I painted individual pieces in some areas while painting assemblies in sections that didn’t need to be disassembled. It still retains its posability.

    • Christian says:

      syd, how many tamiya spray can you end up using for the frame? i just need to know so I can plan ahead of time for my PG project

      • syd says:

        Most of the frame is the Metallic red and if you can believe it I only needed 1 can. I had a second can ready to go just in case. Always be prepared.

      • Christian says:

        thanks for the reply syd 😀

  2. Mike says:

    Wow now that’s a devoted gunpla builder 😀

  3. izlan says:

    hi syd..nice PG…after u finish it all include the u use flat topcoat or gloss or semi gloss?

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