Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve built the legs. I’ve built the skirt. And I’ve built the torso and the head so now I get to build the arms. Wait, what? I’m not supposed to build the arms? According to the manual what comes after the head is not the limbs needed to finish the whole suit but instead the rifle.

How can I build a rifle with no arms to hold it? Really, the rifle?

Okay, but after the rifle I can build the arms, right?

A sword? Okay, that’s awesome and everything but next to useless without arms. Once the sword is done it’s arm time, ya? No?

The shield? Okay. What comes after the shield, then?

Ah, the shoulders.

Well, I’m going to do my own thang (you go, Gai!) and instead build the shoulders and arms. Cuz I’m a rebel and stuff.

When I got past all the weapons and looked at the shoulder assembly instructions it was kind of anticlimactic.That’s it? I guess I can prepare the runners first.

It didn’t take long to prepare the runners.

All I need are these parts.

A small red frame part is inserted into the undersides of the shoulder pieces and then they are joined.

Then the top armor part is placed on and your done.

I am kind of disappointed with this assembly. I remember the assembly for the shoulders on the MG version of the Red Astray used different parts so the inside frame behind the vents was a separate part and could be painted, panel-lined, etc separately. You can’t do this on the PG kit.

That’s all one piece and detailing that area will be tough.

The shoulder assembly went by quickly but I don’t expect the same to be said about the arms. For one thing, there are runners I haven’t even touched yet!

I was going to prepare the runners I needed but when I looked at the manual I realized that I need every runner!


Okay, first the frame for the shoulder joints.

It’s the same as the PG Strike so I whipped through these.

Then the work on the frame for the arm begins for real.

First a small assembly which looks to be the elbow joint is constructed.

Then smaller frames are constructed holding poly-caps in place.

The frame segments you’ve got now are then joined together.

And a couple of armor parts are put on (are these armor parts or frame? I get confused when it comes to the Red Frame Astray. If it’s red is it frame?)

With that section complete you start again with the small stuff.

More tiny frame parts with more poly-caps are utilized.

It’s here I get to use the cool plated parts again.

A small part is slid on from the top securing the plated part in place.

The next frame pieces involve quite a few poly-caps and a plated piston part.

These two small assemblies then connect together.

Now for some armor (or frame) parts.

Next we use these very small parts to make a moving hinge of some kind.

And then some (real) armor parts are put together. Three becomes one.

And this small armor assembly is also assembled and then placed onto the frame.

This last armor assembly snaps onto the little hinge and can then open up.

Now for some more red armor. Yes, I’ve decided I’ll call the lighter red parts armor from now on.

This next step uses a very strange looking poly-cap as a base and has two frame parts plug in. These frame parts only connect by a peg and the frame parts can swivel.

The strange poly-cap then plugs into the front of the frame.

Those swiveable pieces are then snapped in and won’t be moving again (so why the swivel?)


These next two parts are used for the top of the arm which we havne’t touched for a while.

Upper arm is nearing completion.

Watch what happens when the arm bends.

Dat’s nice. Now another armor assembly for the front of the upper arm.

When I put that on I also put on the tiny white armor parts that go on either side of the arm even though the manual doesn’t have you do that until later. Now combine the top and bottom arm sections.

ya. Dat’s nice.

But those arms aren’t complete. We still need hands. And what hands these are.

I only need three runners for these and even then only a few armor parts are needed as the hands are molded in one piece.

To me, these are the best example of Bandai’s hand engineering. The hands on the PG Strike are the same, of course…

…but being molded all in one color you can’t appreciate as well the engineering that goes into these things. The alternating red and white found on the PG Red Astray’s hands really drives home just how complex these are. The Real Grade hands are of a similar design but too fragile to really use and the new MG hands found on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka, Sinanju Stein, and Jesta are not as sturdy as these older PG hands.

Just remove these from the runner but be careful to cut all gates. There are many.

Rotate each digit in the proper direction as described by the manual.

Then bring the section of the hand where the fingers attach to the main part of the hand that has the thumb.

Then the armor parts are added to finish it up.

First a red part goes onto the palm. This part has the tab that the handle of the rifle uses to stay in place.

The two white armor parts fit together in such a way that allows them to move independently.

So I can put that hand onto the arm along with the shoulder connection and it’s done.

Just gotta put the shoulders and arms onto my Astray.

bom, bom. chicka-chika Oohh, Yeahhhh bom, bom. (repeat chorus)

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  1. zetaone71 says:

    Ya….Im loving it.

  2. GNParticles says:

    Yes, it’s disappointing how tricky it is to paint the details on the inside of the shoulder vents, especially as they’re such a nice looking detail area. I ended up spraying all the red shoulder vent piece chrome, carefully adding the clear red to the outer section, and then dripping thinned black on the inside as a wash to leave chrome detail standing up over the black background. A little cotton but swab was used to wipe up the excess black and make sure the chrome was visible. Indeed painful and it would have been oh-so-much nicer to be able to paint it in the clear. It’s rather frustrating when some areas of a kit have an abundance of component pieces, often what appears to be for no reason, and then you get a section that’s just plain hard to paint because it’s all one piece. Argh!

  3. Carl C. says:

    Still can’t decide between this PG and the MG Kai version… any advice?

    • syd says:

      I’ve built both but to be honest don’t recall much about the Red Frame. It looks good but I wasn’t a big fan of the monstrous attachment it came with. I like the PG because the suit itself is such a good build that I don’t feel I need to build any kind of backpack like that found on the MG. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for and how much your budget is. I’m also loving the sword that comes with the PG but will write more on that later.

      • Carl C. says:

        Thanks Syd!
        I don’t have a budget since it’ll be a gift from my friend because I custom built/painted his MG Heavyarms (I’ll show it to you as an RS). I’ll wait till the end of your review for my decision between the MG & PG.

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