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I feel good about getting a second chance to build the MG Marasai. I had this kit when it released from the Bandai online shop but haven’t yet written about it. Being a Bandai shop kit is gets the ‘black-and-white-to-make-the-box-stand-out’ treatment.

The box contents are all the same…

But! You do get this extra runner.

For the rifle exclusive to this kit.

That’s kind of cool.

Being the same kit there’s no need for new manual.

Bandai just threw in an insert which has the marking guide and instructions for the rifle assembly.

I guess I don’t need to describe the assembly of the suit, but I will show the exclusive bits.

Yup, here’s how the rifle goes together.

The assembly is simple enough and check this out.

You can plug the beam saber into the back of the rifle if you want. Despite being a quickly-assembled rifle getting it into the Marasai’s hand took quite a bit of time. The hand grips it only one way but being long the rifle can’t be moved very much or else the angle is wrong and the hand won’t hold it.

It does look kind of awkward standing there trying not to drop the thing.

While this was a simple straight build I did add a little ‘something’ that maybe people will pick up on when they see the bigger pictures below.

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  1. Mike says:

    Nice timing Syd. Was planning to write and ask you what are your thoughts the kit.

    I picked this version out over the regular release and I’m not disappointed to have waited !

  2. Frankon says:

    Looks like Bandai just enlarged the 1/144 molds for Feyadeen rilfe. Its sad to hear that even a MG can’t hold this stupid contraption in rifle form.

  3. Tony says:

    Was the 52 decal included or is that the cheap way of putting on an S2? lol

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