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I’m always excited for an RG release and the GP01 was no exception but when I discovered that there were two kits coming the same day I was hardly able to control myself. Though the GP01 share the same MS designation it doesn’t mean they are the same which stands to reason that the RG kits shouldn’t be the same either. When all is said and done how does the 1/144 RG RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01 Full-Burnern compare not only to its other self but, more importantly, other kits in the RG line? Read on to find out.

Overall Look: 10/10

I just love how larger than life this 1/144 scale kit looks. He just seems massive even though I can hold him in the palm of my hand. Perhaps it’s those massive bells on the back. Actually, that’s probably exactly it. Yet, there are other areas that speak to me such as the lower legs.

Panel detail!

Those big shoulders certainly don’t hurt its presence, either. He’s a broad boy.

And that head!

Best Gundam head of them all.

The Core Fighter II for the Full Burnern can look a little odd.

But don’t let that fool you. It’s an impressive piece of engineering.

Colors: 10/10

(Is this not the most epic shot ever?)

Lots of blue on this guy thanks to the large shoulders but it’s broken up nicely with the red cockpit hatch.

As much as I may not like seeing red, white, and blue every time (sorry Americans) it still can look good and the Full Burnern does look good. Maybe a little more color separation with the white would have made it look even better but the Fb doesn’t need that little extra to look awesome

Weapons: 9/10

The big shield takes center stage with this guy and while the rifle does look good it lacks color separation we have come to expect from RGs.

You do get the standard two Beam Sabers so it isn’t like the Full Burnern is Full Armor but looking at that guy, it seems he would just pummel you into submission and doesn’t have a need for any extra fancy weapons.

Articulation: 8/10

This being the big bruiser of the two GP01s he does lack the articulation of the other and that’s almost all down to one area of the kit. The ankles.

Those huge armor pieces around the lower leg really hinder the motion of the ankle and will mean that you’re not going to be making the flashy poses of the leaner RG kits. This is probably why the pictures in the manual and on the box of the Full Burnern are almost all with the kit on a stand. The neck moves around pretty good which makes the flying poses you’ll want to put your Full Burnern into look that much more realistic.

The arms do have a good amount of freedom so the limitations for the Full Burnern come solely from the bottom of the kit and maybe a little from those monstrous things on the back of it.

Build Design: 11/10 Yes, 11!

Impressive is the word I would use. Then again, most RG kits are impressive so I have to come up with a superlative that properly describes the design of the Full Burnern. Amazing? That works. Incredible? That works too.

Designing a 1/144 scale kit that has a transforming Core Fighter essential to the build most have been a tough task but Bandai did what Bandai seems to do quite regularly – raise the bar. Sure the Zephyranthes transforms as well but that Suit doesn’t have the huge backpack the Full Burner does and Bandai has designed the Fb’s backpack to transform in a more elaborate way than Z’s.

It comes down to a jointed connection holding the two large bells on. You pull them apart and twist the connection around and then you can position those huge things in almost any position you want.

It’s extremely well done. No, I would say it’s done perfectly.

The three sections go together fairly easily as well, though you’ll wonder how it’s all staying together because, when it comes down to it, the connections are really only four little plastic tabs. Two are found in the lower torso.

These fit into small openings on the bottom of the Core Fighter II making the transformed Core Fighter II sit on the lower torso.

Then two more tabs on the underside of the upper torso fit into openings on the top of the Core Fighter II.

Get those lined up and you’re good to go. The kit stays together well, though you may find your kit leaning when you start playing around with the shield because the frame design of the lower torso can be a little weak when trying to support the weight of the shield.

The Core Fighter transformation and three-section Mobile Suit design are enough to set the kit’s greatness apart from other kits in the RG line but there are more little engineering goodies stuffed into this kit that need to be mentioned and appreciated. For example, the ability to pop off the yellow chest vents and slide forward the little vulcans found on the core fighter.

And then there are the shoulders. Inside each shoulder is a little contraption that can slide out the end of the shoulder.

Even this little design is made up of smaller parts so those things that come out the end of the shoulders can separate and point out in three different directions.

(Though it can be tough to get into a space that small to separate those three tiny things.)

While we’re talking about the shoulders I should mention that the design they used to cover the gap on the top of the shoulder connection fits well and is part of the look of the kit, but they can be a little loose and you’ll find yourself having to reposition those small things after you’ve moved the arms around.

I also like how they’ve designed the vulcans in the head. Rather than have some very tiny circular parts of a different color they’ve given you those two vulcans as part of one big part and then the majority of that part is covered up by one armor part that is slid onto the head from behind.

Both GP01 kits are a 10 out of 10 but the Full Burnern has these extra little things that it demands a higher score.

Fun Factor: 10/10

It’s amazing and while I hate to compare it to just the Zephyranthes, that kit does need to be mentioned here. The Core Fighter II design is more complex than the Zephyranthes’. The trade-off for this kit being that you’ll get more articulation out of the Zephyranthes but that doesn’t mean the Full Burnern experience is less. In fact, with the little design elements found in the Full Burnern that aren’t in the Zephyranthes it’s kind of like a GP01 plus 1.

Extras: 9/10
If you want to show off that cool Core Fighter II in its flight mode well then Bandai’s got you covered by including landing gear parts.

You will also have a set of the RG hands to use should you want to.

The included stand adaptor becomes more important due to the FB’s lack of articulation.

Bandai’s also thrown in a small beam part that goes on the bottom of the rifle.

Don’t forget there are enough markings here to make your assembly time double.

You’re also given extra ammo packs for the back of the shield and one extra just because.

You also get what I thought was a fantastic extra the first time I saw it on the runner. A handle for the shield that had a hand molded onto it.

This would mean that you don’t need to build a hand around the handle, nor fiddle with those RG hands. It would also give the shield more support making it less likely to fall off. Unfortunately, the hand is molded facing a certain direction which only really gives you one option when it comes to using the hand and posing the kit. Zephyranthes will illustrate.

Bandai! You were so close! Throw in one more molded hand like that but facing the other way and there would be no problems holding this giant shield on.

Even though I’ve typed this whole review I still feel I haven’t quite fully explained how awesome this kit is. I guess I better sum it up as best as possible.

This is the best model kit I have ever assembled.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Very nice review, you’ve got me sold on this kit. For a little bit of backstory, the Fb was the Zephyranthes after it was heavily damaged in space due to its inability to maneuver in space. To remedy that, AE engineers added on the Fb parts to give it better mobility, hence the thrusters in the chest, shoulders, and backpack. If you want the full story, go ahead and watch the Stardust Memory OVA( one of my personal favorite Gundam series).

    • syd says:

      Thanks, Jeff! After building these kits I definitely want to see them in action so while Mrs. Gai-Gun and Jr. are away visiting family at the end of the month I’ll hopefully be sittin g down to watch some Stardust memory.

  2. Ryan Edgar says:

    Great review Syd, I’d have both, but I’m holding out for a RG Dendrobium Stamen

    • TagrasticF91 says:

      You mean an RG GP03S with an online exclusive Dendrobrium w/ RG-Style Decals.

      • Ryan Edgar says:

        I don’t see how my statement is in any way incorrect

      • Woodfish says:

        The thing F91 wanted to say is that you’ll get the same thing they did with the Meteor units. You’ll get a HG kit with a kind of RG sticker sheet look-alike. For higher price as an online exclusive, making it closer to 40000 yen. Maybe colour will be a bit different but that should explain what the above guy wanted to say, more or less.

  3. Aldy says:

    Awesome review as always Syd! To be honest I still prefer the looks of the Full Burnern compared to the Zephyranthes so probably I probably gonna go for the Full Burnern first. Anyway, I’m sure you know that the next RG will be the Strike Freedom right?

    • syd says:

      Hi Aldy, Yesterday I saw the pictures of the prototype for the RG Strike Freedom that were appearing on the internet. I love RG but I may be Strike Freedom’ed out. Good thing November is still 3 months away.

  4. Mathias says:

    Huh. Now I really can’t wait to get mine! It should arrive tomorrow, I am super excited now^^

  5. Bocalt says:

    Wow, simply impressive review, waiting for my new credit card to but these beauties.

    Got to wonder though, about the fairness of price considering the amount of plastic, surely everyone will tell me the price were fixed beforehand and they are probably selling at a loss but i mean both kits don’t have the extra plastic for a weapon like the bazooka or the backpacks of the freedom and justice… even more the Zephyranthes.

    But maybe like for MG, the improvement in engineering is worth the price in itself… like back when MG freedom and MG strike freedom are world’s apart in terms of improved engineering so it it with the 1st RG release and those two. Opinion?

    • syd says:

      While I think Bandai set the firm price of 2,500 yen as the price point for RG, I don’t think they are losing money on certain releases. They’ve only really designed two RG frames, and have been using those and only changing the shape of the armor stuck on each frame. As they don’t have to pay to engineer a new frame for each release, except for the Zeta which featured a unique frame we may never see again (the Zeta, it’s worth noting had the suggested price 500 yen higher than other RGs) I think Bandai is easily able to design each RG so that they are profitable.

  6. Mukmaster says:

    The chest parts are not vulcans but thrusters and the hand-part for the shield is not meant so that it can hold it properly but so that it can hold the shield forwards like this.

  7. masterjaw says:

    This is great. These RG kits matched the scores of you’re all-time favorite, the great MG Sword Impulse Gundam.

  8. Bocalt says:

    Not to complain much but I mean cmon 9/10 for weapons… Destiny got a 10/10 and has like twice the amount of weapons, those two kits might have the lowest amount of weapons within the rg line, beam saber, gun, shield ( i count it as 4 for the zaku)

  9. Sinanju23 says:

    Hi Syd, I alway like your reviews, especially RG Reviews, so… err.. I need your advise, which one should I get for my next birthday? (september) this one or zephyranthes?

    (I’ve built RG Freedom, RG MK-II and RG Zeta Gundam in the RG line)

    • syd says:

      They are both awesome so it’s really up to which suit you prefer. I will say the Full Burnern offers more in the way of build complexity and gimmicks.

      • Sinanju23 says:

        okay, thank you, Syd. I still prefer the Fb a litte more than the Zephyranthes, so I’ll get that :D. Thank you for advising me.

  10. Tony says:

    “This is the best model kit I have ever assembled.”

    Finally got around to ordering mine, went with Fb over Zephryanthes on that last sentence. Can’t wait.

  11. Anthony says:

    I actually just finished putting this together the other day. Quick question…did you have any problems assembling the head? The clear piece was a huge headache! It wouldn’t sit properly no matter what I did. It still isn’t properly set either. I ended up breaking it and forcing it into place, but now there’s an ugly gap between the eyes and faceplate :c

    • syd says:

      I didn’t have any problems but I know working with these small RG parts can be tough. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the alignment wasn’t correct.

  12. Scubasage says:

    I’m building this kit right now and there’s some parts for the feet that I can’t for the life of me see what purpose they serve. Since I can’t read japanese I don’t know what the single line of text related to the piece is, all it shows is an arrow going up. To be more specific, it’s a piece at the back of the ankle and is shown at the beginning of step 2, the leg construction section. I’ve looked through the rest of the manual and don’t see them being used anywhere, but it’s possible I just missed it.

    • syd says:

      The first part of step 2 shows that you have to 取り外します which means take the part off. You have to remove that part on this model because it’s not used.

      • Scubasage says:

        That’s what I did and what I thought, but since I couldn’t read it I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the confirmation

      • Scubasage says:

        Also, one more question. Are the tabs holding the 3 parts together supposed to be so loose? The bottom half holds onto the core fighter well enough, but the top half doesn’t really hold at all. Doesn’t help that neither end “clicks”.

  13. Magicfrog says:

    Just out of curiosity, if you could only afford (time wise) to get the Burnen or the regular, which would you choose? I love them both, but just don’t have time available to build both versions.

  14. Kuroneko says:

    I just got this model kit and being Exia my first RG I can say that this kit have weak support in the torso. I looks perfect when left alone but if I hold the whole kit ot my palm and I couldn’t resist touching the torso which is weak, so weak that I need to burn a little bit of the runner to the joints so that they are a bit stronger. The chest plates where the vulcan are located is also a bit loose. I did a bit of glue gun (this glue gun is very strong but easily removed) to them just to be safe.

    #15 Exia is solid but this one you need to do a little bit of improvising.

    • Tech Daddy says:

      Looseness of the torso and chest plate is the issue I found disheartening about the GP01 FB. Fix: you need to “thicken” the tabs for a more secure attachment. I used black gundam paint (marker-type) around the 2 tabs in the torso, I also applied marker paint around the T-shaped tabs in the upper half of the body.
      I did the same (mark the sides of the chest plate) using a yellow Gundam paint marker. Sometimes, it’s inadvertently useful not to trim the nubs so much.

  15. Plamobot says:

    Man, that’s a nice clean build! What are you using to remove the nubs so well? Just sharp cutters and a knife?

  16. xiaoxie says:

    i’m waiting for your review about RG astray red frame 😀 when you will announce it?? 😀

  17. Dave says:

    I purchased this kit because of this review. I have to say it does look great sitting on the shelf. But I am severely disappointed in this particular model. If I pick it up the torso just falls apart. If I set it down the torso falls apart. If the look at it the torso falls apart.

  18. Jon T says:

    FYI the shield handle with the built-in hand does seem to be able to move, or at least the version with the regular Zephyrantes does. It’s a little scary to “break it in” but I got mine to rotate in the grip of the hand and it now holds it like in the last picture in your article. I don’t know if this was a change in later versions or whatever, or I somehow broke something in just the right way that it doesn’t look or act broken but has additional functionality.

  19. Max says:

    S2, which kit would you prefer. The regular GP01 or the Fb?

  20. Martin Lin says:

    Hiii I built this kit once already and I am planning on building it again during my first build in the cockpit opening (the red part in the middle of the MS) i couldn’t get it to be flat or close completely like you did.I want to know how you fixed this problem or how you got it to close. Want it to be perfect in my 2nd try

    • S2 says:

      I don’t recall having a problem with this but I did look back over the manual. There are undergates on the lower door so it’s possible those weren’t removed completely and that would prevent the door from closing all the way.

  21. Ron98 says:

    i recently got this kit and finished it with decals, it is A-MA-ZING! i love it!

    as some said above, i got a problem on the Core Fighter-to-Torso connector being loose and won’t fit. it certainly is hard. i got the bottom connector to fit perfectly after i top coated it, but i was unable to fix the problem with the torso.

    any help?

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