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Before the RG GP01s had even arrived I was contemplating how to go about documenting and presenting the WIP for the two kits. I could do a separate category for each kit and keep the WIP separate or combine them depending on my feelings on the two kits once I started the assemblies. I had wanted to do the WIP for the Real Grade MKIIs together but the delay with the release of the AEUG prevented that from happening but I did review them together. This time I thought I would do a separate WIP post for each and review them separately as they are not carbon copies of each other when it comes to appearance and that also applies to the build. As I started building I realized that though they share the name and, of course, design elements they are quite different kits so wanting to highlight the differences between the two I decided to keep the WIP together but review them separately. That means these WIP posts will show section by section how the two kits differ however once both are finished each kit will receive its own review. With that explanation out of the way let’s go to building some GP01!

First up, the Zephyranthes.

And the build starts here, the Core Fighter II.

The very first assembly is the cockpit complete with the clear window part.

Look at those nice details.

Now for the blue armor parts. A very small piece go in from underneath and then flips over to sit flush with the larger part.

Place the blue onto the frame and secure the cockpit section in place.

One white part then snaps into the bottom.

Add the little yellow vents and covers.

The next step is to place some smaller parts into a larger frame part. A couple of very small parts pivot.

View from underneath.

Attach that to your front section and add the movable fins.

Follow that up by putting some small yellow pieces into these hollows.

Add the thrusters and the wings.

Now for these things. I’m not sure what they are but there’s on one each side, attaching to the wing, and they are made up of four pieces.

And there you have it, the completed Core Fighter II for the Zephyranthes.

You can mount that on an action base or put it on the included landing gear parts, if you like.

Now it’s the Full Burnern‘s turn.

As you can see the Core Fighter II looks different for the Full Burnern and it’s not entirely cosmetic.

The first step is the same.

And that’s where the similarities end. From there on, it’s all new parts. When I checked over the box contents it seems that only the A IS common to both kits. Other than that all Fb runners bear this stamp.

The big blue armor piece does have the smaller part fit in from underneath but the following white parts are different.

You’ve then got a completely different frame part that has some unique smaller parts fitted onto it.

These parts move.

Clamp these around the cockpit and add a frame part at the back.

Now add movable frame parts to either side.

Then some more frame parts at the back.

Then put on the darker armor parts and the thrusters.

Now for the big stuff (Relatively speaking. This is an RG after all.)

Lay the fin part inside the larger white circular part and then add that round frame piece.

Create a rod of sorts by putting two frame parts together and then plug it into the large frame part. Cover it up with the white armor piece.

Plug those into the sides of the Core Fighter II and add the weapons and you’re all set.

Different looks and different build designs. Twice the pleasure.

With both Core Fighters done let’s go back to the Zephyranthes.

The Frame runners looks to be the same as the one used on the MkII Real Grade kits and the assembly of the legs actually starts the same way.

It’s probably a good idea to loosen up those pistons before doing any assembling as they can be pretty stiff.

Now for the leg frame. Loosen that up too. But don’t bend it too much because there is an area at the op of the knee that will come apart and be tough to put back together. Don’t ask me how I know.

Apply frame parts to the knees and the hip behind the connector peg.

Next add more frame parts; upper leg front, circular knee covers, and the parts that surround the piston making the ankle.

Once the frame parts are on you can start armoring the foot.

Notice the tiny red part that is meant to fit inside the foot armor? It’s smaaaall. Make sure it’s in place before you fully push the armor part into place otherwise the small part will move around between the frame and armor and prevent a good connection.

Oh, and there’s another even tinier part for the front of the foot.

Armor up the upper leg and the sides of the knees. The knee parts need a small frame part inserted before going onto the main leg frame.

Now for the very distinct front knee armor.

Looks great. A bit of work went into that.

The upper frame piece slides into its home easy enough but the lower part, which has undergates, being a U-shape can bend at the wrong time which makes putting it completely in its place a little more difficult than I originally expected. I always work on an RG with the thinking that any mistake can lead to a broken part so I was careful on this section.

Add armor for the back of the knee area and the lower leg.

Then the ankle armor.

And you’ve now got yourself a leg.

Now let’s look at the Full Burnern leg and see how it compares.

Well, the build starts the same way.

No wait, it doesn’t.

Not only are the frame parts on the lower leg that house the piston different, as well as the thruster piece for the bottom of the foot, but you’ve got to remove part of that flexible frame.

You don’t need the part that is used to attach the ankle armor on other RGs. Instead drop a white armor part down onto the back of the foot and then add the red armor parts.

The armor parts for the upper leg seem to be the same and at this stage you’re putting ankle armor onto the frame parts you just slapped onto the main frame.

Knee part is the same so put that on but add a part for the front area of the lower leg.

The lower leg armor is completely different from the Zephyranthes‘. You put a tiny frame part onto the gray armor and then pop that onto a larger white armor part.

These large armor parts also house a thruster for the back of the leg.

That’s looking good.

Are you a Full Burnern leg man, or a Zephyranthes?

Speaking of Zephyranthes, we’re back to that guy.

Cut out that frame section.

Twist some things into the recommended position.

Get the next frame section and slide the ‘lock’ into place, then put them together.

First the front center block. The yellow part first slides onto the red and then into the white part from the front.

The fit is really good.

The front skirts go on like most those found on most RGs. The frame part goes on from below while the armor from the top squeezing around a small tab to hold it on.

The same applies to the rear skirts.

And now for something completely different.

This small frame part has two even smaller frame parts clipped on and then attaches to a similar looking frame part by a male-female connection that allows the lower torso area to pivot left and right. The armor is placed around this frame assembly.

The side skirts are only two parts.

So let’s put this lower body stuff together.

Very nice.

Full Burnern‘s turn!

Frame starts the same way.

However the front center block doesn’t have either red nor yellow but instead these two frame parts.

Front and back skirts are different cosmetically from the Zephyranthes‘ but go on the same way.

The frame for the lower torso uses the same parts as found on the Zephyranthes but the armor is different, it’s white.

Side skirts.

And that’s where session number one ended, with two halves that don’t make a whole.

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  1. Pshyga says:

    I think zephyranthes and full burnern will have same frame, and the different thing only the core fighter. But now I realize most of them are different. LOL and now I’m exited read your review for this two RG. (Actually I’m always exited when read your review LOL)

    • syd says:

      I thought the same. They do share the same frame, arms, and head as well as weapons, after that they’re two different kits.

  2. Shaid says:

    Hey Syd,

    Should that last image be a photo of either the Zephyranthes, or both together, rather than a repeat of the Full Burnern image above it?

    I can’t wait ’til I get my hands on these. The Stardust Memory designs are among my favourites; though I doubt I’ll ever see a RG GP-04. I can only hope!

    • syd says:

      Dammit, there’s always some mistake that sneaks through even after I’ve proofread it. Though, I admit to being in a hurry recently with all this great Gunpla in front of me.

  3. zenstrive says:

    Cool. Can’t wait to get mine!

  4. Frankon says:

    Syd. Is there enough space in the cockpit to mod the pilot figure. And if it doesnt bblock the transformation.

    • syd says:

      If you can get your modded pilot figure small enough to fit inside the cockpit so the hatch closes there won’t be any problems.

  5. Wolfbane says:

    And right now, the old HGUC and MG models of Gundam Unit 1 are crying, wishing they could be this versatile and articulate. Not to mention for anyone who likes to do the core fighters this is much cheaper than the PG models (even if you buy both RGs).

    The only downside so far is that it doesn’t come with the bullpup machine gun that the PG had – then again with all the bullpups the HGUC GM variants have I don’t think anyone should have a problem borrowing one for Kou’s ill-fated attempt to stop Gato’s escape from Australia.

  6. ClayCannonII says:

    Just cuz you said not to, i gotta ask. How do you know about the knee part?

  7. Tony says:

    Building the Fb now, and noticed there’s a picture in the manual after the first (right) leg is completed that has a bunch of text and seems to be about the range of movement or something… is there anything important in there? If you’ve got the manual its at the top of page 7… don’t want to screw something up by not knowing if there’s some warning or something in there. Thanks!

    • syd says:

      Hi Tony,

      That picture states that before bending the joint don’t press on the parts that are meant to slide. There’s a danger of breaking them. The parts they refer to are the knee and front upper leg armor.

      • Tony says:

        Glad I checked, that would have sucked lol. Thanks Syd! Finished the Core Fighter and can already tell this kit really is one of the best out there.

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