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1/100 MG PMX-003 THE-O is a big kit. We all know that. But nothing drove that point home to me more than when I had built the upper half and decided to stop and clean up until later. Normally, as in on every other MG kits I’ve ever assembled, once you got it half built or even completely assembled you can put it back into its original box. But not so for The-O. The torso on that thing is so large that it does not fit back into the PG style box it came in leaving me to leave The-O atop the coffee table. Good thing the missus is still not back.

So now let’s look at the bottom, and maybe even bigger, half of the kit.

Start with the feet and these large pieces.

That will make the center portion of the foot. The foot isn’t two section like most kits, but three.

Add some more of that red piping and a small armour piece.

The front section of the foot begins with these huge pieces.

Insert a small red part into the top armour piece and then put the two halves together.

A few additional parts are then put in place.

The back of the foot consists of these large pieces.

And these extra parts.

So with all three sections of the foot built…


It’s just so big.

Ankle frame!

Slide the red parts up in to the openings on the ankle frame.

Continuing on with the leg frame insert some red tubings into the halves of the knee area.

And some relatively small parts are then used.

Add a couple more frame parts and then you’ve got this.

I think that is sexy.

When it comes to a connection for the hip, this very large poly-cap is what does the trick.

I do like how the frame kind of folds up on itself. Now to start adding armour.

And some extra red parts for good measure.

Look at these big boys.

In some ways it looks like it was put together using large leftover scrap metal. Small part alert!

That actually finishes the leg. Then things get weird.

Check out what you encounter first when it comes to the skirt.

Okay. Nothing seems out of place yet.

Um.. fingers? I already built the hands.

Another whole set of arms?! The-O you creepy.

Let’s put those aside for now and start on the huge skirts this guy has.

It turns out the arms are plugged into the underside of the skirt.

Watch out, creepy Japanese guys who film up girls’ skirt on the escalators in the train stations in Japan. If you try to film up the wrong skirt… Um.. I think I just stumbled upon an idea for a weird Japanese porno film. I think I don’t want to think about this anymore.

Carrying on with our plastic model kit…

These red bands actually just sit there until secured in place with the center block.

You though the front skirts were big. Check out the back!

Like a giant Tortoise.

And there you go. Just look at the size of this guy. You can see what I meant when I wrote it couldn’t go back into the box, ever.

Still some side skirts left.

The hollow areas you see on the skirts are meant to house the beam saber handles.

And with that done so completes The-O.

I’ve got to find a space big enough to stash this thing before Mrs. Gai-Gun gets home.

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  1. Ger says:

    😮 I for one welcome our new Beige Overlord… You could use it as a door stop, leave it in your car as an anti theft device, hide several smaller gundam models under it’s skirt or just put it in the yard to drive off nuisance birds and hope Mrs. Gai-Gun never notices it XD.

  2. Shaomu says:

    It would make a fine garden Gnome with the right paintjob.

  3. Frankon says:

    Cover it with lamp shades and pray the wife doesn’t notice it

  4. James says:

    Looks great! I love the seeming clunkiness of this design. Although the upper torso looks out of proportion with respect to the lower. Don’t know if that is true or is it a trick of the photo… Anyway, great job.

  5. Ryan Edgar says:

    Ah, a good old throwback to the days when the titans let a 3 year old kid design their mobile suits. Honestly go back to Zeta Gundam, everything’s normal, regular mobile suits, okay the gold one is a little flashy, then Bam! The designs go totally crazy, brilliant, but crazy.

    I love the mental titans designs, but boy are they peculiar 😀

  6. John Butler says:

    Nice! Gonna paint it?

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