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With the missus and Gai-Gun Jr away with the family during the holidays I have two weeks of freedom which for me means two weeks of making a big mess of my house before rushing to clean it all up the day before they come back. With that kind of freedom I thought I should make the most of it and build something pretty big. Not PG big, after all I’ve just finished the PG Astray Red Frame, but another kind of big.

Ya. The-O big. This should be a build I can finish in a couple days while at the same time creating a large, satisfying mess of my living space. Let’s O!

First thing you assemble on The-O are the shoulder joints.

Well, that was easy enough. I guess we can’t expect too much articulation from such a large, rotund suit and the simple shoulder design illustrates that.

Add the armour cover and a couple of poly-caps to either end.

From there we build the neck and that has a couple of poly-caps of its own.

Now for the big parts.

That is the back half of the torso frame. Into this you insert the shoulders and neck you’ve just assembled.

Then close it up with the front armour part. Lining everything up can be tricky so take your time.

Even with that huge section built you’re not done with the frame parts yet.

This is the hatch.

And you’ve also got to build the section for the bottom of the torso to connect to the skirt.

Now armour! And it’s big!


Put the small armour parts on the hatch.

And a couple of smaller parts for either side.

Man, that looks huge.

For the backpack you start with these parts. Look at the size of these things.

Add some additional parts for vents, etc.

The wings on either side consists of two armour parts each.

That is one strange looking torso.

The head starts with the eye.

While the eye can move, there’s no gimmick like on the Zaku II 2.0s.

Now for the upside down ice cream cone that is the head of The-O

You can see the cone just drops right onto the eye part.

In fact, nothing really snaps into position but instead the top part seems to just rest there.

Now for the arms and those start with these very large shoulder joints.

While the frame is quite large it isn’t terribly complex.

In some ways, it’s less intricate than other Master Grade kits that are about the same age as The-O.

He does have these things.

The first use of those in the build on The-O is found in the lower arm assembly

Then the large, blocky armour parts.

That is a fat arm.

It does bend quite a bit, though.

And the 2.0 type hands. Been a while since I built these (on a kit other than a Zaku or Sinanju)

We know The-O is massive, and we know Gundam shoulders are often very large, but the size of these frame pieces… It’s like I’m building a Mega Size.

A touch of green to go with your dull yellow.

Big frame parts generally mean big armour parts, too.

There is some movement in the different sections of the shoulders.

So let’s make a full arm.

And then complete the upper half of The-O.

This thing is so big it’s comical, and I’ve got even bigger stuff to assemble when I continue with the build.

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  1. Mike says:

    “This thing is so big it’s comical” that’s what she said lol.

    Seriously though, I’ve always been hesitant about this kit since it’s on the pricy side, can’t wait to see your review of it.

  2. Woodfish says:

    So, you finally got it. I remember the episode from way back when. You ran back to the warehouse to open one of these guys that just came in. It was in one of those “pre-Ryan” episodes.
    As for the kit itself, I’ve bought it back in february I think and it still sits in a box, all broken down into parts, waiting to be painted while I get me some waterslides and some custom thingies. Even though it will be a huge brick kit, it’s going to be an attention grabber so it has to look as best as it can. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this guy being a huge HG kit rather than a full blood MG but meh,I wanted it because it’s big, it’s an MG and it’s kind of an exclusive when it comes to price. Not that much people will want to get this fatty that doesn’t “articulate” and does nothing really awesome but stand there. Good enough of a reason for me to buy it though. 🙂 Will you be painting this giant?

  3. Ger says:

    More suits need to have crotch arms with beam sabers, I think that’s what Bandai is really missing the boat with in their line up.

    Seriously though it’s going to look awesome. Have you considered a different paint job? So big it ought to be painted like Jupiter.

  4. Tony says:

    Wasn’t expecting this to be your holiday filler kit. Its definitely different lol.

  5. Mathias says:

    It’s cockpit hatch looks like a bird’s beak. You will never be able to unsee this.

  6. David says:

    I am so disappointed.

    you should have done the head separately and called it

    “The O Face.”

  7. Jazon says:

    This kit is currently 92$ at but it says back ordered what does that mean heheheh

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