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On September 5 a regular Gaijin-Gunpla reader, Noobsauce, wrote:

On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t seen any GG posts from you in a while Syd. My fandom has waned a fair bit in the past year. Due to a combination of their inactivity and me just plain losing interest.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who thought that the girls were on some kind of hiatus (or still on tour?) for quite some time. Yes, they did release Love and Girls back in May (which I didn’t feel warranted writing about but for the sake of consistency I’ll put up.)

After reading Noobsauce’s comment I did a google search and discovered that Girls Generation had posted a video only within hours of Noobsauce’s observation.

I’m happy to report that Galaxy Supernova, the newest single and video from the super group is great! Yup, I’m not a music critic so I don’t need to use metaphors or write in-depth analysis of lyrics. All I need to do is write that I think it’s great. I will make one observation about the video, though.

While the song is much the same as previous offerings from them the video shakes things up a bit. Taeyoon has been the ‘leader’ of the group, if you could use that term, for the longest time, but in this video Sooyeung receives the most screen time which isn’t a bad thing, after all she’s gorgeous, but the extra footage of one member means less of others and in this case it’s Sunny, Tiffany, and even Taeyoon, who we are used to seeing front and center, now, if not in the back seat are riding shotgun on this one.

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  1. Victor says:

    Nice. GG’s back on GG.

  2. Sanzo says:

    Sid, how do u feel about the ps4 not being released until feb 2014 in Japan?0

    • syd says:

      I am really pissed, actually. I held off purchasing one from the US thinking the delay in Japan would only be minimal but releasing it in your home territory three months after the rest of the world is a big kick in the balls. Sony did this knowing that they didn’t have much in the way of competition in Japan and that the gamers here would, for the most part, just shut up and take it.

      • Mike says:

        What’s the “rational” behind that…if any. Wouldn’t it be a bigger hit to release it earlier ?

        Dumb call in my opinion T_T

      • syd says:

        I’m convinced it is due to Xbox One’s imploding at E3. When gamers found out the restrictions on the Xbox1 they shifted their preorders to the PS4 and Sony found themselves with more orders than they originally anticipated. Despite how it sucks for Japanese gamers it’s a win for Sony. Get as many consoles as you can out in the markets where you face heavy competition but currently have high demand. Japan isn’t a battleground for Sony. They have it in the bag. It makes the best business sense for Sony to sell as many as they can in US/Europe and establish a huge group of people who will then be buying their software.

  3. Hyunyang says:

    Hi there, I’m not sure if it was a typo on your part, but I’d just like to point out the spelling of their names, that it should have been “Sooyoung” and “Taeyeon”. 🙂

  4. NoobSauce says:

    Wow! A whole post on a comment I made. I haven’t seen this video before, or even heard about it. Is this a Japan only release. I am just much more familiar/updated with their work in Korea. It’s great to see them release original material for the Japan market instead of just rehashing their old tunes.

  5. yangkuo says:

    the Galaxy Supernova MV has a tie-in with the Samantha Thavasa brand of jeans … that might explain why they decided to ‘highlight’ the ones with longer legs in it 😛

  6. Bocalt says:

    Mr Mr…

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