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I pretty much stay away from HG kits altogether now that the Real Grade line has consumed me. I want moar!!! That said, I decided I couldn’t pass up the wackiness that is the new 1/144 HG Gundam Astray Gold Flame Amatsu Mina. Part of me feels that we won’t be seeing this kit as an MG anytime soon so if you’re in any way curious about the suit/kit then the HG is the way to go.

I had no plans to paint this kit, but then I decided that I couldn’t live with the ‘lame gold’ that Bandai provided and so I took a can of TS-21 Gold and sprayed all the gold runners.

Notice the difference?

One other reason not to paint? Bandai provides you with a very shiny black.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized this. When I opened the box all the runners were in their plastic bags (of course) so I didn’t notice the shininess of the plastic due to the light reflecting off the plastic bags but when you pull those runners out, oh baby.

So we’ve got lame gold and sweet shiny black but Bandai also provides a large amount of foil stickers.

And immediately you’re putting them on.

Another sweet aspect of this kit; the gold is undergated (for the most part). This means that the painting-on-the-runner plan I went with shouldn’t backfire. So now for pictures!

That’s some sweet gold.

Here is the head and it took some time to get that tiny facemask on.

But once you do you pretty much hide the entire thing behind that huge armor part.

Some stickers go here too.

For an HG the part-count for the head seems quite high. Here are more stickers.

Now to put all these together.

You so shiny, you hard to photograph.

When it came to the shoulders I noticed that I was only building one and not the usual ‘x 2’ that I’m used to seeing. The first is the right shoulder.

With, of course, stickers.

The arm is also different from its left counterpart.

Now for the left shoulder.

Line this sticker up just so…

This arm is gold.


Even some of the black is stickered?

It actually works pretty good.

The look we’re used to seeing when it comes to Astrays.

The left arm also gets this cool little gadget.

Now for the legs and although it doesn’t say to assemble ‘x 2’ it turns our they are the same except for the last armor parts. Start with the right foot.

And a rather large sticker to each side.

So shiny…

Next some red that isn’t a sticker.

Once the right side is done the process is the same for the left.

And then it’s the skirt’s turn.

The side skirts fit on by a ball joint dropping down into a hollow but the fit doesn’t seem to work well and they have a tendency to pop back out if you push down and in on them too much.

And after much longer than I had set aside for this guy I finally finished the main suit.

I blame the stickers and my pickiness when it comes to sticker placement as the reason for it taking longer than average. Now that the main suit is done the next crack at it will be those funky, and shiny, wings.

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  1. Huey says:

    The right arm is from the Blitz, so it’s assymetric. Nice of Bandai to do the Shiny Black though. Looks great even without top coat. Hmmm… Wonder how this will end up looking if you matte it?

    • Blade says:

      Why would he matte it if he wants the shiny?

    • TheTeaUrchin says:

      Now I haven’t watched the anime, so don’t criticize me for saying this: Why would they have a whole different arm from a whole different gundam?

      • Beige says:

        A couple of reasons

        The primary one is the Astray units where used mostly by scavenger guilds or secondary forces; the gold amatsu mina is part of the orb union, but it was heavily damaged and repaired with what was to hand – hence why the armour for the blitz wasn’t changed to match the Amatsu Mina. The mina had a ‘theoretical’ buld in the gold astray amatsu perfect, that wouldn’t be as hodge podge but they lacked the resources to build it

        Secondly, kinda tying into the above, the astray suits where the prototypes of the G-project, so the g-project parts are functionally upgraded versions of the astrays; compatible but higher performance, and the blitz moreso since it mounted the mirage coloid stealth system that the Mina could then partially use, giving it some stealth potential, as well as phase shift armor* just for that arm.

  2. Syberio says:

    at first i thought you painted the frame silver ^^

  3. Ryan Edgar says:

    Yeah, basically both the Blitz and the Gold frame lost thier right arms in separate battles, and as a stop gap solution they replaced the gold frames arm. An advantage of this is that the gold frame gained the blitzes shield/weapon system and ability to stealth.

    I believe the gold also lost its head in the same battle and was replaced, along with the new armor and systems with a blitz themed look.

    It’s definetly one of the more unique and excellent seed designs. I’m rather envious.

  4. Kiko says:

    They can make the black shiny yet they can’t make the a decent shiny gold or at least a shiny yellow?

  5. Matt says:

    What is the silver for and undercoat? which silver that? Is the silver undercoat necessary?

  6. Franz says:

    do you have all necessary parts to actually build the astray right arm?…i do see alot of x’s so i’m assuming that it can be done…am i right…i do know that you don’t have the flat astray feet too

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