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It seems like just yesterday I finished the MG Aile Strike RM. Ah, the fond memories. Well, now I get to relive them a little bit thanks to Bandai’s release of the 1/100 MG Strike Rouge Ootori Ver.RM which is like the Aile but Pinkier and with a totally different backpack.

And like the Aile the box art is fantastic. I always thought SEED suits looked great but this box art just puts them over the top.

Box contents:

About the same as the Aile which isn’t surprising but I did notice one thing missing. That giant super stand the Aile came with has been replaced by this smaller version.


I also notice quite a few foils. Hmm.


Bandai knows how I like it. Up in my face.

And look at the markings and their guide.

I’ll begin this guy soon enough but I think I’ll be starting here:

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  1. Zenstrive says:

    Syd, see if the Ootori pack can really be plugged with other Striker Packs like the new Aile Pack RM.

  2. scid says:

    is this kit also have led compatibility?

  3. Bocalt says:

    Wow that’s alot of markings and stickers, even after seeing the manual and lots of pictures I have no clue where some of the stuff goes, likes those long red stripes and those yellow stickers.

    I already have a MG strike rouge, but god this thing is tempting

  4. Wolfbane says:

    Just too bad given Cagalli’s role in Destiny we won’t be seeing the Rouge Ootori in action that much. On the other hand it is a very interesting iteration of the IWSP, probably simplified for her it seems.

  5. Archer says:

    well, they released so much GS/GSD kit and only a few for Gundam 00, Wow.. i’m kinda speechless here o_O

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