Gaijin Gunpla

Usually I can build an HG kit in one sitting but not the Amatsu Mina. With all those stickers and the huge wings on the back this guy’s a two-parter.

You start off by sandwiching a couple of gold poly-caps into the main portion of the backpack.

Into that you lay in some gold parts.

After that you pull out the rare brown plastic and make a couple of these.

Then you build around them.

Laying those aside you then turn your attention to the largest parts found on the kit; those giant wings.

Add stickers then attach them to what you’ve already assembled.

Getting them onto the backpack is simply a matter of sliding the peg into the poly-cap you put there when you first started this section of the kit.

The manual indicates you need to have them folded like so:

Oh, and add a couple of gold stickers.

Now let’s try to get a good picture of this this kit that is surprisingly not photogenic.

I’ll leave admiring that for later and next work on the weapons this guy comes with.

For some reason this reminds me of the Blitz Gundam.

Even this has multiple stickers!

Even with the kit finished I don’t think I can do justice to the finish with regular shots so I’m going to get this guy in the booth and try to capture what makes this kit so interesting; the shiny black (and my painted gold).

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  1. Michael says:

    Actually it is shield/weapon from Blitz, just as the right hand and shoulder armor)

  2. Karu says:

    Like what Michael said, the right arm of the Amatsu Mina came from the Blitz. During the Seed Series the Strike cut off the Blitz’ right arm and it somehow ends up in the Gold Frame and then the Amatsu in the Astray spin-off.

    Anyways, so we’ll be seeing a review of this guy as well? I wanna see which is better, the HG or the 1/100 non-grade…

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