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I’ve built almost all the MG Wing kits, with the only exception being the MG Deathscythe Hell. (Why haven’t I built that yet? It’s a cool looking kit.) If pressured to state a favorite I would probably have to say it’s the 1/100 MG Wing Gundam but that may change looking at the just released 1/100 MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Ver.

That is some sick box art. So sick it should be hospitalized.

I always liked what the Wing EWs did for the manual cover. The isolated suit really stands out, but I guess that was the point of doing it that way, ne.

There are also some other papers thrown in the box. An ad for the upcoming GundamW blu-ray release.

It shows available Gundam Blu-rays on the reverse side.

And a flyer for the upcoming new EW manga.

Box contents (plastic).

A rather thin box which doesn’t surprise me considering the Wing MGs have always been of smaller stature, yet inside that narrow box is a stand!

Sweet! A stand is definitely a necessity for a kit that has a Neo Bird mode.

And of course the markings!

Remember, this is one of the kits that will get a Gundam Decal release so I’m considering waiting for those before doing any of the markings but those don’t release until next month so it gives me some time to build, WIP, and review this kit.

And Tony, I’ve got something special planned for you (and everyone else).

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  1. Jesreel Gallardo II says:

    Syd how come on the HLJ Website it say’s it is not out yet?

    • Woodfish says:

      Syd’s from the future, that’s why.

    • Woodfish says:

      Something’s a bit out of order here. It takes forever to post a reply. I know awesome replies on an awesome website take time to crunch but cmon…

      • syd says:

        I don’t know why that is, Woodfish, but I have noticed some delays in the back end after updating the WordPress.

    • GunplaGamer says:

      Its because they only got enough for preorders x3

    • syd says:

      Hi Jesreel, I grab a kit almost immediately after they arrive but the status on the website doesn’t update until we’ve counted all quantities, entered the data, and updated the system. Usually this is later in the afternoon once everything is completed.

  2. Bocalt says:

    Gosh that’s two kits in a row that come with a stand, that’s pretty cool and should stay, now if they could bring back the old Manual design and cardboard poster inside cover 😀

    The Deathscythe Hell has removed the bending leg issue of the normal.

  3. Spardin says:

    would like to see a MG serpent custom (looks to sky and dreams)

  4. Tony says:

    Hoo boy… I’m being called out now. I’m gonna have to watch my back lol. Can’t wait to see how this baby turns out.

  5. Tony says:

    Also, I really hope this isn’t our last Wing MG… After all, Bandai DID include the Vayeate and Mercurius on the box art, and technically speaking, both of those suits *could* be considered Gundams, since they’re also made of Gundarium alloy… yeah, reaching a bit here.

  6. Tony says:

    Just watched the latest Gunpla TV… was the special something in store the forthcoming Wing episode? If so, squee! If not, still squee, because the Wing episode will be awesome.

  7. Yee Tat says:

    Finally, Bandai wants to release Gundam decals for this and previous EW Gundam Wing model kits.

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