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No one was really surprised when Bandai announced an MG Strike Rouge RM shortly after the release of the MG Aile Strike RM but if you’re like me you were excited to see that the Rouge was going to come with the Ootori backpack. As the Mobile Suit part of the kit is essentially the same I thought I’d skip the WIP for that, though will show a couple of things, and talk in-depth about the Ootori.

The first thing I noticed when taking all the runners out of their plastic bags was that there was one frame runner in the Rouge kit that was a different color.

This is the M runner and it comes in a black color as opposed to the normal frame gray we see everywhere else on the suit. Interestingly it’s still labeled as belonging to the Aile Strike RM.

While the rest are the generic X runner.

On the M runner are a couple of extra parts to replace these.

These are for the lower torso that connects to the skirt.

I think these are just provided because they need to be black as I can’t notice any kind of real difference between the two molds.

On to the Ootori (大鳥?)

As the Ootori looks to be giant fighter more or less you start with the nose.

There is no pilot figure and therefore no need for clear plastic.

Once the nose is done you build the main body.

The nose then slides on from the front.

Add the top of the body and a couple of extra dark (hard to photograph) parts.

And then build the rear fin.

And then you come to the real time-consuming part.

Foil stickers! And plenty of them!

First up, put some black stickers onto the fin.

You then build two robo-arms.

These snap into the top of the body of the Ootori.

Now you’ve got to assemble the two smaller wings.

Follow that up by stickering the black parts of the larger wings.

Each side takes two stickers and while they fit perfectly it does take time to line them up properly if you’re trying to be careful.

Putting the wings aside you then put together matching.. um.. these things!

A very small maroon part fits precisely inside the air intake (I’m assuming that’s what it is).

Finish off those wings.

Put these together and you can see you have a movable wing unit.

The Ootori is pretty much done at these stage but he does pack around some pretty large weapons so let’s look at those.

Start by hiding a poly-cap.

This just lays inside these larger parts.

Then grab a black part and do your best to put on a very thin sticker.

Then flip it over and put on an even longer thin sticker.

Don’t forget these very small stickers.

Snap in the piece that will attach it to the Ootori.

Now for the other one.

Add these to the underside of your big bird.

Then put together the armament he carries around on the underside of those big wings.

Of course, there is a sticker!

The missiles are made up of two parts.

So clip those on the bottom.

And the biggest part of them all? A huge sword.

There’s just one thing left.

Check out his connection.

I don’t recall encountering this before. The design looks like a Phillips screwdriver and the part it is meant to attach to is a square.

But it fits perfectly and, more importantly, stays tightly together.

So mount these monstrosities on your Ootori.

And you’ve got yourself a pretty Big Bird (that’s what the kanji translates as.)

So snap his stand together.

And away it goes!

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