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I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement after my last post here. I’ve always found the Gunpla community to be very supportive as evidenced by their concern and thoughts after the big earthquake two and a half years ago now.

The Wing Proto has been a good distraction for me so let me share what I’ve got so far.

The feet for the Wing Proto start with armor parts and not frame pieces. That is a little unusual.

The white armor parts close around a poly-cap and then you add a couple of rear red pieces and a part for the bottom of the foot. From there you add the parts for the front of the foot.

You can see a that only a small peg connects the main foot assembly to the front of the foot.

The leg frames consist of quite a few parts.

So start with the upper leg.

The narrow frame part sits inside of the larger parts and can move.

I imagine this allows the knee joint to slide away from the upper leg providing more movement in the knee.

Speaking of the knee, that’s what you assemble next.

And after that, the ankle.

The ankle assemble fits into a groove in the lower leg frame parts.

Then close the lower leg up.

Check out the articulation with the armor off.

To get the thigh armor on you have to bend the knee.

The small armor part for the front of the lower leg fits on using blocks and hollows. It’s like lego!

Add the rest of the armor.

There is a hollow on the back of the leg at this point.

For that you put together this little assembly.

Then just pop it onto the back.

So snap it on there.

And close it up.

Attach that to the foot and add the hip joint and your leg is done.

Still has good articulation.

Onto the skirt and here are the frame parts for that.

The front and rear skirts attach using the small hooks that we’re used to seeing on the MG wing suits.

Here are the skirts. The rear skirt is just one large piece.

So the skirt is done.

The side skirts are quite cool. They consist of two armor parts.

That’s pretty sweet.

To put these two halves together you need this last section.


Very nice. But something is missing from my ‘Wing’ Gundam…

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  1. Brian says:

    You let us know when there is a problem and we’ll come lift you and your family up in prayer and best wishes!
    Started on my Proto Zero today. So far, it’s a great build. I’m liking your photo of Zero without the wing. Motivation time!

  2. jonas says:

    hey syd hope you father in law gets better soon! thanks for the review despite the crises! looking forward to getting my hands on the proto as well

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Syd,

    I hope your father in law is comfortable and recovers well from future treatments.

    I was wondering your thoughts on the back of the leg. Since the armor on the back of the leg is separate do you think it will be one of those piece that will unwanting move when you pose it?

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