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The main part of the Mobile Suit is built, and looking sexy, but he’s only a shadow (a sexy shadow) of what he should be. My Wing Proto needs wings! It’s tough to transform into some kind of flying machine without wings (unless you’re Tony Stark).

The wings start here.

This little assembly is what will allow your wing to attach to the backpack so naturally you’re building two of them.

Here is the larger part of the backpack and a small part that fits right inside.

This small part moves up and down slightly inside and looks to be a locking mechanism of some kind.

You can see with it pushed up the base of the wings, the assemblies you just built, aren’t able to move.

Cover that up with the last part.

Now we get to the wings themselves and they are cool! The most important parts in the assembly of the wings also happen to be the smallest.

These two small hooks connect in the middle.

They will hold the two parts of each wing together with the help of these two frame parts.

Here’s the manual showing how they go on.

Now wings can fold up!

Once they are navigated into place they are then secured by larger frame parts.

The blue parts with their distinct shape are the first armor pieces applied.

Now slap on the yellow and large white parts.

We’re not quite done, however. There are some smaller parts that still need to be added.

Check out this small little wing inside my.. um.. wings!

The connecting frame part just fits into a hole and allows the little wing to swing under the larger one when not in use.

Now finish off the backpack by adding the two thrusters.

Then connect the wings to their respective bases.

And there you go.

I was worried about balance issues but it seems to be okay for now.

Finishing off the kit are the weapons. They are what we need to build before we start looking at transformations. Take the longest rifle part and add the handle and a small part for the sensor.

Add another large part, sandwiching in a small clasp (by now everyone knows these rifles connect, right?)

More parts for the barrel.

Actually quite a few parts for this area.

Last two parts.

Now repeat the process for the other one!

Notice the amount the handle can move.

Okay, the rifles are done.

To the shield!

Place two yellow fins/wings onto this small white part. Notice the gears on the wings. Now for this um, thing.

The two largest parts of the shield are next.

Now one large frame part and a couple of moving parts.

Build the bottom of the shield by putting the assembly you built first onto this large white part.

Now you can lay the bottom of the shield onto the frame and than put the large, upper part on top.

But be careful putting this on. You need to have it lined up correctly other wise one peg will not have the right angle and can bend. Add the last couple of parts.

That’s a cool looking shield.

But you’re not done. Pay close attention. The last step involves this small part.

It is placed up in side this hollow on either side of the shield. This part is so small that it is almost unnoticeable on the runner. As it’s the very last part you cut off the runner it wouldn’t surprise me if some people will throw out their runners not realizing the part is there.

And you’re not done yet because this kit comes with a stand!

Bandai gives you two adapters for the stand which you have to assemble. I’ll wait for the review to show these in more detail.

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  1. PaulSG says:

    Just a random question out of curiosity; what kind of topcoat do you use for finished kits?

    And looking forward to this beautiful beast, next in the list should be the upcoming MG Gundam X 😉

  2. Tony says:

    First off, hope the situation your pop-in-law is going well, keeping your family in thoughts and prayers.

    That said…

    Oh dear god… I really need it to be Friday so I can get started on this thing. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending Friday and Saturday (my 2 days off) holed up in my room building this beauty. Also, still looking forward to whatever it is that you hinted at in the first of the Proto posts. I keep finding myself checking the site while I’m working whenever I get a chance lol.

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