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This past weekend was the Gunpla Expo at the UDX in Akihabara and of course I was there because, like, it’s my job! That meant I got a day off from work and went to Tokyo to spend some hours wandering the expo floor staring at lots of Gunpla. Lots of great Gunpla, actually, because, in my humble opinion, this was the best Expo yet. Much more exciting than last year’s. It seemed there was something for everyone at this year’s show and most everyone has already seen the pictures and videos that started popping up almost immediately after the Expo kicked off. Be that as it may, I still want to share my thoughts about Gunpla Expo 2013.

The first thing that greeted me when I went in was Gundam UC HG kits. Soon the final episode of Unicorn will hit theatres and that means lots of UC Gundam kits as well. Here was a wall of HG.

And then this thing!

Another HG Kshatriya?! Oh my! Allow me to who you what Bandai allowed everyone to see.

We tried taking a picture from above but Bandai had cleverly blocked that off.

Now a Silver Vault.

Looks kind of bulky. I like it.

Norn Destroy Mode.

And a Destroy Mode FA Unicorn!

Much easier to handle than the MG, ne.

After UC was Thunderbolt and Bandai had up box art and runners and a diorama.

Big draws for me were the FA Gundam

The Zaku and ‘Big Gun’

And a High Mobility Zaku!

The MG Nu Gundam Titanium Finish was out again and this time they showed off the runners. This kit was quite popular and it was difficult to get close to get a good picture (actually this was true for a great many kits), so the best I could do was this.

I call this shot ‘Titanium Shadow’.

Next to that was a Gundam X and in full colour.

I do like it. I actually haven’t built any Gundam X kits so this will be my first.

Next to that was the biggest surprise at the show, an MG Unicorn #3 Phenix!

The bling! It hurts my eyes! This was one shiny kit and that means I couldn’t get any kind of decent photograph of it.

I call this one ‘Gold Mystery’.

And speaking of surprises, next to the MG Phenix was this.

June will see an MG of a Turn X. I know a lot of people who cried tears of joy when they saw this picture.

Continuing on with the MG line Bandai had a special display showing the next big December kit, the MG Sazabi Ver Ka.

Ya, it was tough to get in there to take pictures and when I did manage to push my way in I found the glass case made getting decent shots very difficult but I still took about a dozen photos of this bad boy.

They had it posed to show it’s articulation.

And all the weapons were on display as well. Huge!

This guy releases in only two weeks! I’ve got to get my work table ready.

After that big boy Bandai went small showing off the RG line. Here’s the just-released RG Strike Freedom.

Looks pretty good. But here’s the big RG news. Next one in the series is…

Exia. This could turn out looking awesome!

Another surprise was the amount of kits from Gunpla Build Fighters. Almost half the Expo floor seemed to be these guys. Bandai started that section off with a bang by showing MG prototypes.

Build Mk II

Full Package

This actually looked very good, though for some reason the lighting in the display seemed to shine on the kits on either side of the Full Package and not this kit.

C’mon. Just one good shot.


Sengoku Astray

Because I want my Robots to look like they came from an age that was extinguished with the advent of technology.

More Gunpla Build Fighters HG stuff.

You’ll excuse me if I just spam pictures. There was a lot of stuff there.

(Fenice looks better each time I see it.)

Now MG revealed = no interest in HG.

Can’t not purchase this.

Like the colours on this kit even if I’m not such a Qubeley fan.

GM Sniper K9.

And the ‘K9’.


And a Kampfer. Cool!

And, um, this thing!

Go home, Bandai. You’re drunk.

The HG All Gundam Project had some good showings when it comes to future releases. My faves F91 and Victory now have great looking HGs!

There is going to be the Harrison version of the F91 in HG as well

And the V2! oh ya!

A Wing Zero also made an appearance.

An Aile RM

It does look good.

To go along with that the HG Rouge.

And an HG Turn A!

Some celebrity designed customs were there again this year.

Um.. Courtesy of any random J-pop Girls group.

And um..

I kind of like it.

Musicians.. sigh.

Best of the bunch was this guy.

Me likey.

And P-Bandai (their online exclusive stuff) showed some new stuff as well like the Strike Impulse R. (Did I get that right?)

And the PG that we thought was coming then wasn’t coming but now know is coming.

They also had a little teaser for a ‘New Project’ for next year.

You sure know how to build anticipation, Bandai.

And then they had a large area displaying the Japanese entries to the Gunpla Builders World Cup. Some nice entries include these.

Try to pick out the kits used in this Nightengale.

And it was at that moment that my iPad battery gave out and so I packed it up and made another round of the floor just because I wasn’t ready to leave. 2014 is going to be awesome.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    My what an event:

    Firstly now I definitely want that MG Sazabi (and the assault kingdom as well btw… as even if the MG doesn’t manage some of the poses that small toy probably will and it also comes with the new gun… updated anime version incoming? )

    Secondly, Build fighters is definitely becoming a win for me, good show so far, a couple of good designs, a couple of good hgs, the fact that its pushing people to go for old kits and learn to paint and stuff, and those MGs look sharp.

    Thirdly, all gundam hg, pure win, finally a decent Turn A and V2… and those proportions for the strike, hope the Exia won’t be forgotten as it doesn’t appear among the logos displayed for the project.

    In 4th place, gosh that tease, how can they top the rg line.

    In 5, the Mg X, for the price, lots of play value and options….

    And the biggest thing for me, the RG Exia. This is the ms i’ve always wanted to see as RG (before a rick dias), the hg never did it justice, the 1/100 was barely there, the mg lacked markings and had issues, so the only option so far was the metal build. Its a great move though I have no clue where the line will go next.

    Ps its Destiny impulse…

  2. Bocalt says:

    Sorry, connection issues had my post sent twice it seems.

    • syd says:

      I don’t think it’s your connection, Bocalt. WordPress has been working terribly the last month or so. Many comments are doubling up and when I try to approve them the site just grinds to a stop almost.

  3. Woodfish says:

    First of all, even though there were a lot of people I have to say, great photos. I think that given the nature of these shows and the level of interest in Japan, you did a great job reporting and showing us what’s new and what’s going to be new in months to come.
    I do have a few things to say.
    -MG Turn X- I’m one of those guys. A friend on our own HLJ-TV blog showed me a photo of a new Turn X and I was 99% certain it was a new HG due to the “All Gundam Project” thingie they’ve strated not so long ago. But boy was I glad that I was wrong! My Turn A will finally have company! Now if only they would give us Harry Ord’s SUMO too.
    -The golden Unicorn… Phenex or whatever it’s name is, I can say that after building a Full Armor Unicorn and a Banshee I’m pretty sick of building a third, nearly identical suit. So I’m on 50-50 with that one.
    -Kshatriya- We all know what we want here!
    -Sazabi- IT WAS MEANT TO BE! (on my shelf) This one I’ll buy for sure.
    -X looks interesting though I’m not all that sure wether it has any priority at all on my wishlist.
    -Sengoku Astray looks odd/funny but that just may be it’s selling ticket. Looks interesting.
    -As for the Build Fighters, we’re at episode 8. I’m not sure what’ll happen if we’re going to have ~50 episodes like we should have. If the story will go crazy like it did with G Gundam or not but I guess we’ll see. G Gundam was interesting in it’s own way.
    And for the end, that Z’Gok looks amazing! Though that it is an underwater suit and having a sub painted in desert camo won’t do it any good either. 😀 But it does look good. On the same note, Beargguy was an underwater suit too and never touched water.
    Best regards guys!

    • Bocalt says:

      Just when i thought i didn’t see anything G Gundam on the show, suddenly Jegan Vs Devil Gundam… Hope it lasts as long as possible 😀

  4. YongKang says:

    OMG!!! SO many good stuff for next year!!! My wallet gonna take a massive hit… Syd, why not buy that bearcguy 3 for your little girl? She might actually like it.

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