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I will admit to being heavily distracted these days but even that shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not realizing the 1/100 MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka Titanium Finish Ver. was a November release. For some reason I thought it was a January thing. Well, I’m glad to admit that I was wrong because it means that I’ve got my hands on this big bad boy!

The contents of the box are exactly the same as the regular release so I don’t need to show everything but I will show how the Nu Gundam colors look so much better in Titanium.

Check out what was once yellow!


Here are the red parts.


And the white looks all shiny…

But it is the blue parts that got the best result from being coated. Check out how the panel lines show up through the Titanium finish.

That looks hot!

Frame is the same and that is also true for the psycho frame.

And the manual gets the appropriate change as well.

This kit is going to be awesome looking. Even though I’ve built it three times already I’m excited to do it again.

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  1. Digital Deviant says:

    Will keep a close eye on this; need to decide wether to take the plunge!

  2. solowing666 says:

    I’m just curious if the gate marks will show up too much, because I don’t have the regular release either.

    • Woodfish says:

      Sure they will. As any other special edition (titanium finish or whatever) this kit isn’t undergated either. However, with a little bit of work, nothing’s unrepairable. It just takes time. If you’re a painter the job’s that much easier as you’ll more or less know what to do with the nubs.

  3. Ryan Croft says:

    Hi I just want to know is this kit worth the money over the normal MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka as I had watched a review for that kit and he had said there were a lot of issues with the shield being wobbly, the wrists being weak, the legs being weak, the funnels falling off the back of it and also falling down as well. I all honesty is the Titanium finish version of the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka any better than the normal kit as far as problems go, I know it looks really nice and that’s all well and good but if the same problems still exist I don’t know if I will be getting that kit period.

  4. Phenluric says:

    All you said was true..
    Fin funnel at the worst
    Shield also
    And legs

    But for stability just add some metal part, especially for those legs
    I’ve found it more stable with metal part attached

    And for funnel, hmmmm… i prefer not to attach it on the backpack… well its awesome enough without it…

    And last thing for those nubs
    I cannot help at all, lol

  5. Jodi Subagio says:

    Can you tell the color guide

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