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I finished (half) the suit so now it’s time to get to the very unique aspects of the kit that set the Strike Freedom apart from other Mobile Suits, those side rail guns and the Dragoons. Starting with the rail guns you grab some gray parts.

Those two narrow gray parts go together and then the red piece caps the end.

Now lay the gold frame part into the gray assembly.

Notice this piece slides.

Add a gray part to the top and close it up.

The second half of the rail gun is similar but no sliding design makes the build simple.

These two halves are connected using white armor parts.

And it folds in half as it should.

Now for Dragoons! Begin the assembly line.

This is much simpler than the PG Dragoons (Thank God!)

A single frame part sits inside and can be seen once you close up the assembly.

x 8

Once those are out of the way (don’t worry, it takes only about 10 minutes) you now get the privilege of touching that plated gold. Cut out a long frame part and add some blue.

These are meant to pivot at the connection point.

Here’s the instructions on what to do here.

Putting piece G1 on can be tricky. It’s so small and thin that you risk breaking it if you apply pressure but it’s meant to snap into place so you have to be pushing it in somewhat firmly. Be careful.

Once you’ve done two you do two more. Then you lay one onto the other.

Now close them up with the two larger blue armor parts.

Add a touch of red for effect.

Now repeat the process.

Once those are done you then start on the main part of the backpack and the first step of that is to use the RG frame parts.

These are put inside the blue armor parts and once that’s done the dragoons are attached.

Now for the center.

Lay the RG frame parts into the backpack and then close it up with a couple of parts.

I put a pic up on facebook once the process was completed. Cuz social media and stuff.

Now for those large rifles this guy carries around (cuz two giant railguns attached to the hip just don’t cut it sometimes).

Put the red part on and twist it upwards.

This part then is placed inside a larger piece, similar to how the rail guns went together.

Drop on some white armor.

Now add the blue trim and even a clear piece.

That clear part is very small.

The second is very similar in frame but the armor parts in some areas differs slightly.

There ya go.

There are two beam saber handles as well but I’ll leave that for later.

I still have to put the armor on the exposed half of the kit but once that’s done it’s review time.

Also, tomorrow Gunpla Expo!


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  1. Digital Deviant says:

    Thanks Syd, those parts look ace, much better than that frame; can’t wait for the review!

  2. Darth Mingus says:

    It kills me that the dragoons have better color separation on the RG than the PG. And that the wing connector is more stable. It looks like there will not be issues with broken connectors.

  3. Yay gunpla expo!!! Excited to see what Bandai has in store for us in 2014!

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