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I am not normally an HG fan now that RG gives such a satisfying experience. However, HG remains the grade in which most new suits are released and that holds true for Thunderbolt. Kits are finally being made for this series and for now that means HG only, which may be a good thing considering their size. Despite not really feeling HG there was something about this series of kits that spoke to me when I last saw them at the Gunpla Expo. Bandai’s release was scheduled for the last week of December which just so happens to coincide with my winter holidays and so, knowing I would have a little free time next week, I decided I’d spend some time riding the lightning.

This box art seems retro, like a throwback to something. Much different than what I’m used to seeing recently on the MG boxes, and I love it. There is no doubt this particular 78 can throw down.

Box Contents

It is an HG so the box isn’t too large but there is a lot of stuff thrown in that regular High Grade sized box. Mostly shields. heh.

The FA Thunderbolt comes with a stand, thank goodness, and quite a few markings for an HG kit.

There are some sizeable foils as well.

This being the first release of a new series there is a little bonus in the box.

初回限定同梱版 (that’s a lot of kanji but it basically means ‘something included inside for first release’).

And what is inside? The ‘Special Leaflet’!

This is a small, 24-page comic. It is quite awesome, actually.

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  1. Ryan Edgar says:

    Very nice, he kinda looks like he was put together by the A-Team over the course of 30 minutes, bits of weapons hanging off everywhere.

  2. Michael says:

    I think boxart is made this way, because these kits are from manga.

  3. Frankon says:

    This is the best RX78 version. I wish it could get a MG (hell even RG) but then again it would cost a lot.

    • Woodfish says:

      We all do probably. And I don’t think it would go over 5000JPY HLJ price. RX-78-2 is still a pretty small (short) kit compared to some of the beasts out there.
      5500 yen max!

  4. Evan says:

    I really don’t care for this Thunderbolt stuff to be honest. Looks like tons of crap tacked on here and there. I think Bandai could loose this and the Build Fighters series. But that’s my opinion.

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