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I am bringing the experience of a Titanium Finish Gundam to a close with this entry. You may notice that I have not yet put on any of the waterslide decals and that the case. Being a Titanium Finish kit I wanted to let it stand on its own without any markings, though I may go back and add them later if time permits. However, being that the MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka is set to arrive within the next couple of days (!) I think I’ll be quite occupied until at least the end of the year. Building the MG Nu Ver Ka really got me excited for Mr. Sazabi. The MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka Titanium Finish Ver. deserves some respect, though, and so I thought I’d create this post to talk about the kit, show off some gallery-type images, and even throw in a video.

The first thing I want to say is that this thing looks awesome!

The normal Nu Gundam Ver Ka on its own is one amazing looking Master Grade but the Titanium version, with that sweet finish takes, it up a notch, not only because it’s shiny (though that is cool)…

…but when that finish was applied to the armor runners of the Nu it actually left the panel lines quite visible and eye-catching.

This is most visible on the Fin Funnels.

I also think that I will take the extra finish gold over the regular yellow any day.

And the red is sexy, too.

You can see some of that effect on the weapons as well though, being primarily white, they can still look a little bland.

The extra finish makes the kit heavier and in some respects sturdier.

But the extra weight on the Fin Funnels puts more of a load on the frame of the Nu than you find with the normal verion.

Extra Finish is extra heavy.

You shoot me down
But I won’t fall.
I am Titanium…

(It might just be me, but I could swear she’s saying, ‘I am Canadian’.)

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  1. GNSquacker says:

    Does this version come with the effect parts for the funnels? That’ll make or break this buy for me I’m afraid…

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you for the review, Syd. I’m curious, were the colored stickers (used to add color variation) were bundled with the kit?

  3. キコ says:

    How are the nub marks? Are they nasty?

  4. Woodfish says:

    Sounds better than the original. 🙂

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