Gaijin Gunpla

Everyone’s waitin
So I won’t be hesitatin’
Let me start be statin’
This kit looks amazin’

Okay, I suck at impromptu verse but luckily for me most everyone isn’t here for that so let’s get to what everyone wants to see, the MG Sazabi Ver Ka! After arriving home my daughter turned on the television to watch her favourite TV show so while awaiting dinner I thought I’d see just how far I could get on this big bad boy.

Here is how the build begins.

Two very large torso frame part fit together housing a very small circular frame part. No poly-caps yet.

Two silver parts are then added along with a red part that slides into place.

Interestingly, the red part doesn’t snap into place and can be moved afterwards as far as I can tell, yet there’s no mechanism holding it all together.

The next step does use a poly-cap so let’s have a good look at the PC runner.

This isn’t labelled as PC runner but instead is called runner ‘T’.

I was under the impression we would get new poly-caps with the new Sazabi but that isn’t the case. This runner apparently originally came with the 2000 Master Grade Sazabi kit.

First poly-cap goes in this little assembly.

This then is plugged into the bottom of the torso you have so far.

Do to the size and shape of the parts it’s actually quite difficult to get it pushed fully into place and you’ll need to devise a way to get the force coming directly from the back to get it pushed in completely. (giggity?)

The Sazabi Ver Ka has shoulder joints similar to what we first saw with last year’s Nu Gundam Ver Ka, just bigger.

There is a trick part, however. The poly-cap has to be pushed onto the ball joint as is.

Normally, the poly-cap would be in place as part of the torso assembly before requiring you to push something into it but as it floats free on the Sazabi it does take some effort to not only get it on the ball joint but lined up correctly as well.

Those two tabs are meant to fit into the frame part on each side of the torso.

Then the side black armor is put in place. These pieces are quite sizeable (duh).

Once those black parts are in place you cover them up with the darker red armor but before putting those parts on you have to insert a little frame piece.

The frame piece doesn’t snap into place per se but the fit is so precise that it stays where it should quite easily.

Then the rear armor is slid into place.

Now for this part.

And it’s here I run into the colored stickers.

Just like the Nu Gundam Ver Ka, stickers are used in certain areas to create the two-tone look. Hmmm.

The armor part for the top of the cockpit fist into place quite simply.

It also comes off just as simply so be careful when handling it.

(I’m just going to throw this out there.. You’ll know it when you see it… “What does the fox say?”)

From there the lower torso is built.

The frame for this has already been built and put in place so it’s just the armor at this stage.

It’s here you build these funky things.

Looks kinda familiar (as in like every 2.0 MG kit that has armor collars.) but there are some changes.

The shape of the parts used for the collars has changed. Rather than just a normal cylinder this one has angles.

So when you slide them on they fit together much better than the older kind.

And they stay there! They then go on the lower torso first by pushing this tab into place.

There is an opening molded into the side of the black part that houses that tab.

Once that is in place you then just clip the ends of the armor collar areas into place.

So simple and so sexy.

Before you put that assembly on the main torso you build the next area.

This is what houses the LED.

So you’ve got three separate sections to your torso built so far.

The next logical step is…

Uh huh. Oh yes you did.

There are lots of different edges on this torso and a few of them look like they’re not lined up properly but you have to trust that they are and any gaps are cosmetic and intentional.

Onto the head! And the first step is.. building something that looks like a cockpit?

Clear parts are used here together with some smaller poly-caps.

You have to be very careful when lining these up. So says the manual.

Close up the sphere.

Slap a frame part on from the bottom and from the front.

Then the lens.

Oh wait. The next step I wasn’t prepared for.

A decal goes on the lens. Yes, I knew this kit came with waterslides but didn’t realize that those were also used in this part of the build. Hmm.. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared to be working with waterslides the first day of the build and hadn’t prepared any of my supplies/tools. Pondering what I was going to do I was interrupted by the Mrs. who informed me it was dinner time. The decision was taken away from me.

We had Oden.

Once dinner was over Gai-Gun Jr. sat at the table with me to check out the new big kit and as I showed her and father-in-law the huge box and parts I decided that I didn’t want to mess with waterslides with other people around but did want to continue the build so I put what I had done so far with the head aside and proceeded to build the arms.

The first step for those is to build the big shoulder joints and for that you use this interestingly shaped frame part and two poly-caps.

It’s bigger than big.

Put that aside and grab the main arm frame parts.

Add the pistons and housing and close up the elbow joint.

(before closing it up I thought I’d have a sneak peak at the elbow articulation.

Now slide on a black armor part.

Then the challenge begins!

A uniquely-shaped poly-cap fits into the bottom of the arm frame and then a circular black armor part is put on from the bottom.

Seems easy enough, ya? I thought so too.

On the back of the lower arm frame put these two very small frame parts in place.

And slide them towards the center where they (kind of) click into position.

Now to make the main armor part for the back of the arm and these parts are used for that process. Note the frame part which has the thrusters attached. See those little arms. Keep these in mind.

Insert the silver part into the red part.

Flip it over and you will see an empty square. That’s where you push the thrusters into place.

Now you are meant to push the large armor assembly you just put together onto the arm frame.

Uh huh.

Okay, this isn’t easy.

This is the issue. The poly-cap at the bottom of the arm has to be at the perfect angle to allow the black part to slide completely into place.

If the angle is off you won’t be able to push the black armor part all the way up.

If it’s not all the way and there is even a tiny gap the armor assembly for the back of the arm won’t align properly.

Three areas need to line up here. The arms that are part of the thruster assembly have to slide all the way into the openings of the black part on the opposite side, the angled edge of the red armor part has to fit precisely around the arm frame, and the square protrusion of the lower black part has to fit into the hollow in the bottom of the silver part. If one of these three areas doesn’t line up you won’t get this guy on. Oh, and I forgot to mention those two tiny frame parts that fit into place on the back of the lower arm will move easily while you’re trying to fit all these things together and will get in your way.

The poly-cap is the big problem here. If the angle isn’t correct you can’t slide the square protrusion in the silver part. If you overcompensate for that angle and have it too far the other way, sure the black part fits in properly, but you won’t be able to plug the hand into the bottom of that poly-cap later on.

It took me some time, and a few curses under my breath, but I did get everything line up properly. And then I built the second arm and had the exact same problems again. Patience is a virtue and that mark on the table is from where I stabbed it with my side cutters out of frustration.

But once you’re past that…

Well, you put some red armor parts on the back. This will clip onto the two small movable frame parts.

You also slide the large armor part on for the upper arm and a little wrist part preparing for the hand.

And it looks awesome.

Well, worth the effort. (but would have looked just as awesome without all that hassle.)

Slap on the large shoulder joint.

And check out some articulation.

The last step is the hands.

MP 2, baby. Now is MP 2 just a slightly different design for the larger-than-everything Sazabi or is it, as someone commented when we mentioned the hands in the Gunpla TV video, that these hands are slightly different because they are meant for the Zeon suits and not the EFSF? The mystery deepens.

But they do assemble the same.

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  1. Zeon13tm says:

    I really wante to see the head…. But oh well, I’ll wait. I really can’t wait for mine to come. I have a question. Do backordered item take about a month? I ask this because I ordered nu verka, and wanted it by Christmas. If its not possible, I guess it’s alright because ill get sazabi. Looking forward to tomorrow’s wip.

  2. Frankon says:

    “The armor part for the top of the cockpit fist into place quite simply.”
    The cockpit supposed to be in the head.

    The kit looks magnificent so far. Looks like they traded the cockpit for the led gimmick. Syd when you get to option part 21 can you check if it could replace the fake cockpit in the head with the actual one?

    • syd says:

      Ya, I realised that after I wrote it that I wasn’t referencing it correctly but figured everyone would know my meaning.

  3. Jeff says:

    Seeing as how I’m not a fan of water-slides, I’ll probably end up getting some clear green paint for the eye and camera. Love how the silver frame parts look though.

  4. zetaone71 says:

    Looks awesome Syd. I cant wait to build her. I just built the Nu Gundam, and the Sazabi has always been a favorite suit of mine! Looking forward to wip2.

  5. andrew says:

    i was thinking of painting my sazabi ver ka i wanna stick to similar colors along with the different shades or red but i want my sazabi in metallics is it a good idea to use mica red along with mettalic red for the kit. ive never used mica red so i dont no wht it looks like thanks for the help. btw i use spray cans

  6. Sonar says:

    Oh dear.. Did someone say the “G” word?


  7. Isaac says:


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