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My apologies for the gap between WIP posts. I spent the better part of the weekend putting the kit together (yes I did take monday off of work but it wasn’t to build the Sazabi but instead to attend my daughter’s musical recital as well as take the father-in-law to the hospital for his first chemotherapy session) and didn’t stop to do any blogging about it but now it’s all done so the WIPs should be coming fast and furious with a review before the end of the week if all goes according to plan.

I wrote a little about the head and now I’ll start this post by finishing that off but will inform everyone that I still haven’t done anything with the piece for the eye. I may use an effect sticker similar to what I did on the Sinanju and because of that won’t be using the provided decal but that’s a topic for another post when I start modding this bad boy.

In WIP #1 I stopped once I put the clear lens piece onto the ball. The next step is build the fin which is actually made of two parts.

And then put the fin onto the main part of the helmet.

Next you have to take the Sazabi’s fin which is quite small for such a large kit and slide it into place. It’s a tight fit so you’ll need some pressure but if you push from the wrong angle the fins are not sturdy enough and will break.

Now add a small clear part that also requires a decal.

This then is place onto another armour part and it is here you need to be really careful.

If the fin part wasn’t pushed all the way into place previously it will interfere with the fit here and the pieces, being roundish, don’t afford you a lot of good surface area to grip and apply pressure. If you slip, things can break.
(I’m mentioning breaking a lot here. I wonder why that is?)

Before placing any of the armour parts onto the head you have to add the visor and face mask.

Then you can drop on the helmet part.

A small frame arm is also secured in place. This arm is used to connect the smaller assembly to the Sazabi’s head.

It goes on from the top and you have something like this.

This would be the ‘open’ mode.

Move that forward and down so it drops into place.

It’s tough to tell exactly what the proper position is because there are gaps between the armour panels but you can see the small tab on the back side of the smaller assembly is meant to fit into a gap in the large fin.

Looks pretty good to me.

Let’s put that on the torso.

Best… bust… ever.

With the head out of the way and the arms already done we move to the shoulders. First step towards those things is found in these smaller parts.

Then you take the two large frame parts and insert a small poly-cap on the underside of each.

Insert the little thruster assembly, include the piece used to attach it to to the arm, and put on the first armour part.

Now add another larger frame part which is secured in place by two narrow silver frame parts.

The silver parts have a little groove on the underside.

This will fit around some tabs found on the side of the frame.

I am really liking these silver parts (buy y u no mould pistons on same runner, Bandai?)

Add more large armour parts. One from below and one from the top.

And stickers are used here.

Make sure to push the lower part on completely. The only way to tell if you’ve done this right is to look at the small strips of silver that peak out through the narrow gaps in the armour part.

Another armour part goes on being inserted into a hollow in the frame.


Now you add the yellow parts that are seen in the shoulders. You also put on, in exactly the same way, a red piece for the back of the shoulders where there is no vent.

(Yes, I am aware that it looks like I am making two right shoulders in this photo. I just did this for the sake of the image. I corrected it immediately after taking this picture.)

Apply the last armour piece to both sides of the shoulder.

But we’re not done. Did someone say thrusters?

The thrusters are connected to a frame part via a swivel.

And then dropped down into a silver part.

Be careful to have everything lined up properly here. The same goes for when you put on the armour parts. There are little grooves that take tiny tabs on the underside of the armour.

Add another armour part.

Before connecting this thruster assembly to the shoulder the manual shows you first have to put the arms in place. Notice how the connector frame part on the shoulder fits perfectly around the upper arm.

The half circle shape makes it so the shoulders don’t move around. While this may limit articulation it also means that these heavy shoulders won’t be prone to flopping forwards or backwards.

Remember those tiny poly-caps we put on at the beginning of the shoulder assembly?

Slide the thruster arms into those.


Now for the big part of the kit – the lower half. The skirt is first and it starts anticlimactically with these small parts.

But then you get massive when you grab the main frame parts for the skirt.

Put the small arm you just constructed into the frame before sealing it up.

Add some yellow to the bottom and then the frame part that goes on from the top.

Then start adding your red (and yellow) parts.

The front skirts consist of these parts.

Plug the smaller frame onto the larger.

You can see how it’s meant to open.

Unsightly yellow alert.



That little bit of yellow bothers me. Might have to do something about that.

More thrusters!

I’m sorry, did you say ‘more thrusters’?

Here is the main frame part for the rear skirt.

Attach the second set of thrusters you prepared.

Loving some of the details seen on the frame. Reminds me of when I first built the Sinanju and then masked the frame for painting.

The back skirt of the Sazabi looks like one huge block but it’s actually two sides.

Place thèse onto the central frame part.

Put on the first armour part but it really only covers a small portion of what you’ve got so far. More frame parts are added.

You can see these armour parts are meant to move somewhat.

Add the larger armour parts to both sides.

The view from the underside.

Now start adding trim such as this small yellow part covered by an armour part.

There is a little bit of a gap here and I couldn’t get it to fit tightly so maybe it was designed this way.

More yellow and red.

Once complete it looks like this.

To close it up, according to the manual, you just push the lower portion upwards.

However, I found that just pushing on the bottom wasn’t enough to get everything moving. I had to firmly push against the top while gently squeezing in the sides at the same time applying pressure to the bottom to get it to close.

I still had some time at this point in the day so I started on the next stage of the build, the feet.

That’s it? I was expecting something bigger. In actuality, this is only the heel of the Sazabi. It fits into a much larger frame part along with a poly-cap.

The small lighter-colored armour part on the bottom of the heel can open.

Add a very tiny round piece.

Now for the toes. Or is it toe?

Be sure the poly-cap is in there before closing it up.

Next drop this small um.. not sure what this is.. piece into the part for the bottom of the front of the foot.

This reminds me very much of the construction of the feet of the Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Slap the sole of the foot onto a frame part and connect the toe then add some armour to the top.

Two more amour parts then go on. The first requires a sticker.

The other, which goes on second, snaps into place from the top.

It’s tough to get the angle correctly in order to push it into place so be careful as that piece is thin and will twist while you’re pushing on it.

That is just the front part of the foot. Now for some inner machinations!

And some large frame parts!

Taking what you’ve assembled so far you are now able to complete the foot.

Interesting to note that the pistons go on exactly as they did with the Sinanju.

And it’s here I realise I didn’t put the armour parts on the sides of the heel. Oops.

Easy enough to remedy.

I love it.

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  1. Evan says:

    Nice! I need to get one of these now…and probably watch Char’s Counterattack again! Have you seen the movie Syd?

  2. AL says:

    Thank you for this WIP post. Chemotherapy is tough on the body, so I wish your father-in-law a speedy recovery. And for the kit, I am amazed at how much work Bandai has put into just designing the rear skirt alone. This is the part that got overlooked on most often.

  3. Chopper Dave says:

    You’re getting me pumped to build mine. I hope it gets here today. If it does I have a day off tomorrow so I’ll get to build all day!

  4. zetaone71 says:

    Great work in progress Syd. I love this kit. My prayers go out to your father in law.

  5. Belades says:

    I will fight you over the fact that the F91 has the best bust ever, if only due to its rear thrusters (which, unlike many Gundams, happen to be built in to the back of the unit instead of attatched to a backpack or something That’s simply to qualify it as part of the bust, the thrusters are awesome on their own.)

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