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In the last WIP we had to stop after building the foot and while I didn’t really want to halt progress on my Sazabi at that point it’s a good thing I did because the next stage, the leg, is terribly, terrifically time-consuming!

Before actually assembling the leg frame you first have to put together some little sections that will be incorporated into the leg as the build progresses. Such as this thing.

Build the thruster and attach it to the frame and then add the armour parts.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

The second mini-assembly is the armour for the back of the lower leg.

Now for the frame and these parts are for the knee.

Add the kneecap and slide the pistons into their housing.

Place this assembly inside another frame part.

The opposite frame part goes on the foot in preparation for completing the lower leg frame.

To the knee assembly, add those two sections you built only a moment ago.

Then put the knee together on the frame of the foot.

And um… perhaps you feel we need some thrusters. Bandai has you covered.

It is at this stage the manual differentiates right from left.

These long frame parts make up the upper leg and hip socket.

Now do this.

But note! Bend the knee to about 90 degrees.

If you bend past this point the pistons may come out of their housing at the front of the knee.

I seem to recall the Nu Gundam Ver Ka had this little issue as well. If it does pop out it is simple to get back in so don’t be too worried about it.

The booster assembly slides into an opening on the back of the frame but don’t push it in the full way it can go. It is meant to stay at the top.

The knee frame part, however, needs your close attention. It connects by way of two small circular bumps on the outer sides sliding into a very small groove on the inside of the leg frame. You need to have the knee bent at least 90 degrees to expose the groove enough to get those bumps in their proper place. It is very difficult to see exactly what you’re doing given the small size of the area you’re working with and the pieces of frame in the way. You will think you have it but then it will just pop out again. Once you get the proper angle it will fit in and stay there.(see this image)

Now add armour starting at the top.

Before you get to covering up the lower leg frame you have some smaller armour parts to work with.

On one side of the connecting tube on both pieces is a little groove.

This is meant to line up with a small edge on the frame part.

If you don’t have those lined up properly the armour parts will not only come off quite easily but also interfere with the next steps.

This little assembly plugs into a socket on the inside of the lower leg frame.

Then you take another armour part and build its connector and then attach it to the same area.

You can see where it clips on. Before snapping it into place a rounded armour part goes on.

I noticed at this point how it didn’t seem to line up properly.

This was because the assembly with the specific connection I wrote about about four sentences ago wasn’t built correctly. Once I corrected that the fit was a lot better or at least more aesthetically pleasing.

Repeat this process for the outside of the leg.

Here though, you need thruster.

This thruster unit, along with a silver frame part, goes onto the underside of the large side armour part.

This is a tight fitting connection and you may think you’ve got it on correctly, but that may not be the case. You need to ensure that the thruster goes all the way down until it’s pretty much touching the underside of the silver frame part.

If it isn’t a gap will show between the armour panels.

Push gently but firmly until the gap between the side armour parts is closed in the middle.

Now all that’s left exposed from the leg is the back of the knee and lower leg.

Here are the parts for that.

And then you get to put the final armour parts on the knee.

Right leg finished. Play me some celebratory music, Gai-Gun Jr.

The left leg is pretty much the same, only in reverse. This aspect of the construction of the leg reminded me of the MG 00 kits. The way you place the poly-cap and one small circular armour piece on determines which leg you’re building. If you’re a stickler for details, note that the poly-cap goes in horizontally for the right leg and vertically for the left (I’m referring to which directions the tabs on the poly-cap are facing).

Once you’ve got the second leg completed (allow yourself 7 hours give or take 6 hours) don’t wait around, slap those on the skirt.

Oh yeah!

We still need side skirts though so let’s build those.

Note that small frame piece is asymmetrical and needs to be positioned in a very specific way.

Attach the thrusters to the silver frame and then add armour.

Then a final frame part and the last of the armour.

So um.. while we’re here. Why not get the top and bottom together to see how they get along.


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  1. Chris says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait to get mine after Christmas. Probably my last kit for a while.

  2. dave says:

    ooohh can’t wait for mine

  3. zetaone71 says:

    Major drool…………need a towel!!

  4. Michael says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that they went with polycaps to connect legs to the waist. It limits the articulation of the kit.

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