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I’ve got a kit that can stand on its own but is still incomplete. One more round of building should clear that up. To start the backpack you first need to build the hatches/flaps/doors that will open and those are really easy.

Only one small piece is used for the hinge. You can see how they are asymmetrical so be careful when putting these tiny parts on.

With the four hatches done you then create the frame using these three pieces.

Then you can connect the hatches to the frame.

The next step is to build the piece that will be used to connect these to the main part of the backpack. A poly-cap goes in place on both sides.

This then is placed in the black armour part that will go on the hatch assembly from below.

Lay the silver parts inside the hatches.

I found it difficult to get the bottom armour piece on because the connecting assembly with the polycaps wouldn’t line up easily. Instead I opted to put the connector into the bottom of the hatch frame assembly and then put the bottom piece on afterwards.

This worked much better.

Open sesame.

With that open, I need something to put inside!

Cut off a pile of little parts.

They go together like so.

Now the red armour.

You are meant to put the flaps in place first and then push the top part on.

This is supposed to push the flaps in place as you bring the top part down, but it doesn’t seem to work as simply as the manual describes. Here is a shot of the assembly without the flaps on. You can see a little square tab of frame right below the groove which fits around the arm of the flap.

Being square that tab was getting in the way for me when I tried to push everything downwards.

Note that the underside of the flap is rounded so this isn’t the culprit.

I didn’t want to take a knife to any of the frame as I was still guessing as to the function of everything so I had to find an alternate way to get these things together. This is how the frame is supposed to look when you start adding the flaps.

I found that I could get the flaps in place without having to worry about the frame tabs by pulling up the frame part.

This created a gap that allowed the arm on the underside of the flaps a place to go. It worked and I was able to get all six of these assembled without further issues arising.

With those out of the way I could return my attention to the bulk of the backpack.

Couple poly-caps here.

And add some armour.

And of course we need some thrusters here.

The last step is to insert two cylindrical poly-cap.

Push firmly. You want these suckers all the way in.

The tanks were really simple. Just three parts and a connecting piece.

So here he is, looking awesome I might add, without his backpack.

And here’s his backpack.

The Sazabi has these surprisingly large connections jutting out from his back and between them the normal connection we are used to seeing.

Here’s what the underside of the backpack looks like.

Here goes nothing.

Oh man. I have the real thing sitting beside me right now but the pictures still excite me.

Suit is done but there’s still a fair amount of building left.

After the complexity of the Sazabi the weapons seemed kind of low-key. Still massive, though!

Here is the handle with the tab for use with those new hands.

Adding the last of the armour.

Interesting to note that though the two main rifles are different colours there is no mixing or matching of parts. Each one is a solid colour which contrasts against the multi-toned red of the Sazabi.

This little piece can move slightly forward and back.

It’s like a pump action shotgun.

The parts for the longer rifle have the S runner all to themselves.

Make the handle.

Slap that in there.

Make the rear slide.

And yes it does slide.

Hand guard?

Extra parts for the end of the rifle.

This small fin, though made to move, doesn’t really go very far.

Now for the icing on the second layer of my humungous Gundam cake.

First put the armour for the top area on.

Then mid.

And the smaller parts for mid slide on at an upwards angle.

I didn’t really see why this had to be done this way but then I noticed this tiny edge of plastic on the prior armour parts

This needs to be covered up so putting the smaller parts on first would make this difficult if not impossible. Final red armour part.

Lay in the yellow piece.

And then that giant black part.

Flip it over and add these to the bottom.

Nu Gundam Ver Ka had the same on the underside of its shield.

Here are the frame parts used to ‘connect’ this giant shield to your Sazabi.

It can swing around.

Beam Tomahawk!

Beam saber handles!

As a cool gimmick, the handles can slide into a hollow in the wrist of the Sazabi.

Beams stuff!

(I’ll play with this later.)

At this point I thought I was done. I had built the Sazabi, the backpack, the weapons. Then I noticed that I still had some parts left over.

Yes, you can build the transparent cockpit ball.

But there is no way to actually put this in the Sazabi. He is left to sit alone or, as is usually the case given its a complete sphere, roll all over your table.

Comparison shots just for fun.

On the last page of the manual I noticed this.

What? He can use the Sinanju bazooka? I have one of those.

All you need to do is take off one part from the bottom of the rifle and then attach the bazooka.

After four days I had finally completed the MG Sazabi Ver Ka. The little garbage basket I keep under the table looked like this.

Okay, there are some Titanium Finish Nu Gundam runners in there.

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  1. Josh says:

    I am smiling with glee. Oh my gosh that l9oks so awesome!

  2. Ncann says:

    The first gun actually is a beam shotgun, called the beam shot rifle 😛

  3. kratos says:

    Hey GaiGun, gotta field a question.

    I’m building this kit, and am having a major issue with the hands. Simply put, they don’t stay attached to the arm. The polycap piece that you’re supposed to insert the wrist stub into feels like it might be too shallow, and while it’s not exactly falling out on its own, it definitely does any time I try to adjust the fingers.

    This is more of an issue with the right hand than the left, but I was wondering if you had a similar experience. I checked the manual over and over and disassembled the arms to make sure I hadn’t constructed something wrong, and everything looks okay, but it just doesn’t sit right with me considering the quality of the rest of the kit. Thoughts?

    • syd says:

      I had the same experience you did. You have to make sure the poly-cap is at the right angle when you put the large round black wrist armour on. If it’s at the wrong angle, it is too shallow to take the hand. If it’s too deep, the black piece doesn’t go on all the way which makes putting the armour part for the rear of the forearm impossible. I actually discuss this in the episode of Gunpla TV which will air on monday.

      • kratos says:

        Thanks! I’ll give the arm a more thorough rebuild in short order. Great to know there’s a solution.

  4. John says:

    Is there anywhere that I can buy replacement parts for this kit.. Sadly I had a small accident with a overpowered light pad and the bottom of his right foot is sort of melted. Haven’t even had this for 2 weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate!

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