Gaijin Gunpla

Did you think I had forgotten? It sure seems like I left this too long. I did have it completed over the year end break but, like what I did on the Sazabi, didn’t have a chance to write about it right away. Well, now I’ve got a few minutes and I thought I’d give a brief rundown with the build.

It’s an HG Rx-78-2

There, that was easy. Well, okay, I guess there are some differences that are worth mentioning (just not on the poly-cap runner)

The first real difference I noticed was in the look of the frame parts. They appear to be moulded to represent something other than the metals we see on other Gundams.

It almost looks like a fabric or a rubber compound laid overtop of the frame for further protection. Or, he’s just an old gundam and all wrinkly.

And let’s not forget to mention the abundance of stickers.

Some of which are quite small and go in places such as this.

Those stickered parts go on the top of the torso.

When building the head I noticed the eyes were a gold colour and not the usual green we’ve come to expect.

The armour for the upper arm consists of two parts rather than the one which is dropped on from above which we see on most HG kits.

And the ankle armour goes on the same way as most other HG RX-78s but notice how the ball joints are in different positions on the ankle.

You are meant to use these tiny red/black stickers…

Overtop of these openings.


They are not sized appropriately to allow you to push them into the recess but instead just sit across the top.

These even smaller stickers however can go into the small recesses found on the armour on both sides of the knees.

And check this out.

Bandai is finally including in the manual this little trick for the front skirts which I, and many others, have been employing for many years – Cut the part in half and have skirt that move independent of the opposite side.

Lots of stickers on this kit but not one for the V on the front of the skirt?!

But the manual shows…

Stickers for the top of the skirts.

Look at all those rectangular thrusters.

That giant backpack also features that wrinkled leather look.

And more places for stickers.

You even have a bunch of darker gray stickers for use on the backpack weapons.

The backpack plugs in quite securely on the back of the torso.

Really securely. It was difficult to take it apart again after I snapped it in.

That backpack really destroys the balance of the RX, however, so it’s here you build the stand.

Followed by four shields!

Quite large stickers for these suckers.

Two piece beam sabre handles on and HG?

These fit onto the side of the backpack. Looks cool too.

More sticker work!

These two parts plug into the slots on the front of the backpack.

Alternatively, you can plug in these little arms.

And then attach a shield.

Fully decked out Full-Armour!

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  1. Frankon says:

    This kit definitely needs painting and proper decals. The stickers are killing the effect of this kit.

    About mech. The so called insulators for the joints of the kit are rather questionable – why need them when the rest of the suit is made of metal ^^.

    PS. This FA-78 is based on RX-78-1

    • Michael says:

      On real tech insulation is used to prevent to prevent small debris and dust getting into the moving parts and joints. Considering manga takes place in the asteroid belt where one would expect a lot of debris, this is rather logical addition.

  2. Mr Waffle says:

    Seems a shame that it’s a HG kit, the amount of stickers and parts that crave painting show they really struggled to squeeze this down to HG I think. I remember the 1/100 scratch builds in Hobby Japan last year, so gorgeous!

  3. Kushal says:

    Hey Syd, I don’t know if you ever built the GM Thunderbolt, but I just finished mine and I’m really loving it. This kit seems very reminiscent of it, but the GM has fewer stickers, better poseability, and can stand up with its backpack just fine. I opted to paint instead of using most of the stickers and it came out really great. I wish there were more HGs of this quality; the other Thunderbolt kits are a little too over the top for me, especially with the stickers, but this GM is just right.

  4. GMV says:

    I just finished building this kit. It needs panel lining on the face. I used all stickers and decals, and the kit turned out great with a RG vibe. Cheers!

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