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It’s always nice to have time off… until you get back from that time off and see just how much stuff has built up while you were away. That’s where I found myself going back to work last week. There’s a lot of stuff to do! To add to that, there were personnel shakeups at work which means an increase in workload for various individuals, of which I am one. So not only haven’t I gotten around to doing much work on the Sazabi Ver ka as part of the Group Build on GAF I also wasn’t able to find enough free time to even write about what I did when I had free time.

Right now, however, I am free. For about ten minutes. So I’m going to use that time to show you what I’ve been doing to my Sazabi Ver ka. Mostly what I’ve been doing is painting the frame. I was going to use metallics/gun metals for the frame, similar to what I did with the Nu Gundam Ver ka, but then I decided I’d shake it up a bit. I would go with a gray similar to what I used on the Yellowbird. But I did want some areas to be metal so from there I thought I might as well do what I did all over the Yellowbird; mask.

First I laid down the Gloss Aluminum.

Then I masked.

I also masked other areas as well.

(I painted some yellow too before masking.)

The shield also saw some attention when I sprayed the black part with a Gunship Gray (then masked, of course).

For modifications, I turned my attention to the yellow part that is found on the front skirts. This part isn’t visible when the skirt is closed, or untransformed, but is clearly seen when it opens.

You can see that little area of yellow that serves no purpose other than to connect the two yellow vents together to make the piece solid. I find this unsightly. Screw its purposeful design!

There is actually a tiny edge of yellow on the opposite side when will keep this together unless you pull it apart. There is one more modification I am thinking of doing and am in the planning stages. If it looks like I can pull it off it will become part of the build but I won’t mention it until I know for sure I can make it work.

Over the course of the week I had off work I found an hour or so a day to slap on some paint. Here is the end result.

The gray is a military color, AS-67 if I recall correctly, and the bronze looking parts were painted first with silver leaf and then with Metallic Orange. Areas of the frame such as joints or pistons are Gloss Aluminum while the thrusters are Silver Leaf with the inserts to those thrusters being Dark Gun metal. I think it looks decent. I still have to paint the armor and have already done tests on the leftover sprues so it’s just a matter of finding time and good weather.

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  1. Brian says:

    I am painting my Sazabi as well. Painted pretty much all of red and goodg grief it is taxing -___-

    Wait so you can use Tamiya AS sprays on Gunplas? I was always told no :/

  2. Brendan says:

    Hi Syd, what is this ‘silver leaf’ that you mentioned? Is it a kind of marker or a variant of gold leaf? I once approached my local hobby store requesting if they have gold leaf but the guy only referred me to the gold gundam marker; and using it doesn’t produce very even effects on a larger surface area.


    • andrew says:

      silver leaf and gold leaf are paints from tamiya if i recall gold leafs number is tamiya x-12 silver leaf is just a silver paint and its probably in my opnion one of the nicer silvers

  3. Zach says:

    Hey! Love your work!

    Just started my Sazabi.. so far I’m fairly disappointed in the head gimmick.. the head doesn’t stay together at all!

  4. andrew says:

    hey syd if ur still thinking of the sazabi color design just use tamiya spray italian red i used it on my own sazabi but the key is DO NOT prime it if u do it will turn out in to one of the same colors if u dont prime it u get three different shades of red but they are very glossy so u need to flat coat it or whtever i know im persistant in asking about ur sazabi since its my favorite kit and u paint ur kits really well so i always wonder about painting it myself too lol

  5. Chi-Lun says:

    Hi Syd,

    I just wanted to ask you a question about the silver paint you used. I know it might seem silly but did you actually use TS-17 Gloss Aluminium? Because it looks a lot more like TS-76 Mica Silver on the pictures shown here.

    Regardless, if you could clear that up for me, that would be awesome. Reason why I ask is because I’m trying to work out what the best “silver” to use because I want the silver parts to “pop”; so they stand out more. Again, I apologise if the question seems really stupid.


    • syd says:

      Hi Chi-Lun,

      It’s been some time since I painted but if I wrote TS-17 then likely that’s what I used but I do also use Mica Silver quite often too. If you want the silver with the most pop I would suggest Silver Leaf. That’s the best silver I’ve found so far.

      • Chi-Lun says:

        Lovely, thank you very much for the suggestion, Syd! Also hoping we will get some more updates on this build of yours soon 😉

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