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Things are settling down at work and at home and I’m starting to find some time here and there to build some Gunpla. I’ve been working on the Sazabi but knew that it would have to take a backseat for some time come the end of January when the 1/100 MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package released followed a week later by the 1/100 MG GX-9900 Gundam X. Unfortunately, Sazabi got set back even sooner when a box full of kits preview kits showed up (is that unfortunate). There were a few in there but the biggest one, physically and figuratively, was the Build Strike.

Being a preview kit we didn’t get the proper version of the manual, only photocopies.

And they were resized to about 70% making them difficult to read.

And.. the pages were copied just as they would be printed to make the manual which means that on one side of the page you’ll have see a page number but on the opposite side of the page you’ll see a totally different number not in any kind of sequence.

So I have to build a manual as well as a Gundam!

We all know that this kit is very similar to the MG Aile Strike RM and to see just how close the Build Strike comes to being a Strike RM clone I went through the runners and had a look.

The runners in this picture are all labeled either MG Aile Strike RM or MG SEED X-frame. The red runner is actually from the Strike Rouge RM. I even left one of the Aile Strike runners out of the pic by accident.

So how much of the kit is new?

I would say about 60%. (the Aile Strike runner I missed is the yellow one in the left of this pic). Unsurprisingly, most of the new plastic is for the backpack.


And a stand, which this kit desperately needs.

I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to build and so decided to start with the backpack as that’s the ‘all-new’ portion of this Master Grade.

So build a pair of these.

And drop them into an armour piece.

The nose of the fighter is then put together with the landing gear hidden inside.

Add the trim.

Now insert that into the section you previously assembled.

This will slide forward and back.

Now add the top to close it all up.

A couple of yellow parts finish up the body.

After that is done you have to make the legs. Or is it arms?

These fold up underneath the body.

In fact, there’s a little tab that slips into a gap securing it in place.

Now wings! (make two of them.)

These then fit inside the larger blue wing parts.

And you finish them off by adding the white trim.

You will have to press down firmly to get the white parts in place and I would probably suggest to put the white parts onto the larger blue parts before clamping the blue part together.

Also, while there is no indication of the sequence of construction for the white parts you will need to put the wing tip on last.

Construct this thing.

Then connect it to the wing and add the smaller wing.

There ya go.

The wing will fold upwards but there is a little plastic protrusion from a frame part that will prevent it from dropping downwards.

Now clip this oddly-shaped red part into this blue piece.

Fold it down and add the grey.

Stick a small poly-cap inside the bottom frame part before putting it on.

You make one for the opposite side and then attach them to the legs of the Fighter.

Now we get to the Mobile Suit. As it’s very similar to the Aile Strike RM I won’t show all the construction that most of us are familiar with but will point out where they differ.

The build is exactly the same up until this part.

And then it is all new!

Yup, just the neck.

You do use the Strike Rouge RM parts for the lower cockpit hatch.

Here’s the face.

While the parts may be different the construction isn’t.

There is a little gap between the sides of the head and the face mask.

And that blue sticker on the back of the head is ridiculously small.


The upper arms use the Aile Strike RM parts and it’s not until you get to the bottom that the Build Strike Parts come into play.

You add all the Build armour here. (Ignore that frame piece on the top right. That came off the runner accidentally).

And the shoulders might be the only section of the kit which is comprised entirely of new parts starting with the connector, which actually involves two parts.

Build the shoulder frame.

The vents underneath can move somewhat.

Now add the armour to both sides.

And there you have the top half.

And that’s as far as I got in the first session. More to come!

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  1. YongKang says:

    Hey Syd, this kit is rly awesome. It looks straight out of the anime but the only thing I’m a little bit concern is that chin is a little bit too thick and squarish. I like it more streamlined.

  2. Banchō says:

    Those shoulder anchors are pretty much the same ones used on the MG Exia!

  3. zetaone71 says:

    Looking good. I will def. have to pick this kit up.

  4. Bocalt says:

    Now that the universe booster will be sold separately with all the effects parts that were sold separately in a new hg and the separate universal booster… this looks like the better deal instead of getting 2 hg build strike and getting a hg booster… one mg and the mg universe booster

    • YongKang says:

      Hey Bocalt, I agree with you. The MG is definetly the way to go because you get much more detail and less sticker.

  5. Koiel says:

    I never would have thought that there is also a Gunpla Manual Building. Thanks for that humor 😀

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