Gaijin Gunpla

Okay, the official release of the MG Build Strike is today and that means I’ve got my hands on the real release and can post a picture of the box.

Box art looks sweet but for some reason I’m reminded more of the 00 Raiser than the Strike in that image.

Starting the build with the backpack and progressing through the top half of the suit in the last WIP post means all I have left is the bottom half and the weapons so let’s begin.

Here are the first assemblies for the skirt. The rear skirt is all Aile Strike RM and the frame is as well except for that little piece you see at the bottom. That’s new.

The legs are also made up of all Aile Strike RM parts until you get to the armour for the bottom of the leg. These can be found on the new T Runner.

And the kneecap. That’s new, too.

Knee-cap view from the back (because Gaijin-Gunpla is so in-depth!)

Now for the all-new stuff. Here are the parts to make the ankle armour.

You can see the frame is one large piece with the armour put on from either side.

And here is the actual ankle.

Note it is four pieces instead of two. Well, three pieces and a poly-cap.

Poly-cap and third part go in like so.

Check out this new part. You can see the ball joint that goes into the foot is off-set. Why do this, you ask?

I believe I have the answer. The opposite leg has the ball joint facing the opposite way so you’re not actually building these two ankles exactly the same. The way the ankle is designed is that the off-set ball faces the inside of the leg. This makes the free range of movement of the leg at the ankle, before the shaft of the connection comes into contact with the edge of the poly-cap, greater. I hope that reads how I think it should. Basically what I am saying is you can move the joint farther in the one direction allowing a wider stance for your Build Strike.

Gaijin Gunpla approves.

Side skirts.

Looks pretty sharp, actually.

Okay, now we get into uncharted territory – the weapons. First you build a gun. Or is it a handle?

Then you build the shield.

Add the connectors to the back.

Beam Sabre handles are two-parters.

Now you build this handle. Or is it a gun?

The top part moves fairly freely.

Next you build this… handleless gun?

Oh, the handleless gun has a handle.


Actually these three guns/handles (?) are meant to be somewhat interchangeable.

Like so.

Or like so.

When not assembled in one of the configurations the parts can be stored on the back of the shield.


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  1. Kefka says:

    That white piece needs more color

    • SavviMaple says:

      I agree. It feels cheaped, for a MG kit. No green plastic or any form of colour seperation. =(

    • scid says:

      for a new mg kit I hope they do it more detail..sadly this just dont cut it..still I’m interested in this kit but out of stock at hlj..hopefully restock it ASAP and can ship it along with my preordered gundam X

  2. Bocalt says:

    A shame for that green piece, still it goes with the whole gunpla building theme of the show… digging that boxart, that fight was epic and it looks even more impressive rendered this way.

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