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I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when building the gold-coated MG Phenex. Of course I wanted to build it but did I want to do everything including the waterside decals? If that was the case I thought the best option would be to build the frame, gloss coat all that gold while it was still on the runners, then build it before applying decals. Then I realised that would set me back a couple days while waiting for the Gloss coat to dry and I had a deadline that I would run up against. So, instead I settled on doing an OOB build with the idea that I can come back to it later and prepare for the decals should I want to go that route.

As the Phenex is yet another MG Unicorn I’ve no real need to go into detail about the build for the Mobile Suit portion of the kit but I’ll do my best to point out any differences that people may not be aware of. The biggest difference:


The very first section requires you use a gold part (if you want the pilot in his seat) so right away I’m blinging it up. After that though the torso assembles exactly the same.

The head however has some differences, mostly revolving around that new V fin, or unicorn horn… or whatever this thing is. You start by building the horn which actually consists of four parts.

The large part attaches to a small swivel arm. This allows you to open up the horn when you’re transforming goldie into Destroy mode.

The pieces feel solid, but that’s likely because they are coated in that coating. Without that I wonder if they would hold up. Don’t worry, bandai gives you the alternate parts that we first saw included with the OVA Unicorn.

I prefer this, actually.

To accommodate this new fin you need new head armour parts for the top and sides.

Light reflecting everywhere!

After that the rest of the suit proceeds just like the OVA and then you get here.

Yup the Armed Armor De (x 2). I never picked this accessory up when it released along with the UC Manga and so this is a first time for me. Oooh exciting. Here are the parts that are just for the AA DE.

And don’t forget the blue psycho frame parts.

So first up attach some arms to the psycho frame.

Then clip these onto a very large centre part.

But the largest part is yet to come. Onto that part you click in some smaller parts.

Foils are used here but I must point out again I don’t foil an OOB build.

Instead, with the Phenex, I get fingerprints all over it.

More movable psycho frame parts.

Slap those two halves together.

I wrote slap but you need to be careful here. The extra coating makes the fit very tight and if you’re not lined up properly something could break.

The bottom part of the AA DE sees more psycho frame parts put to use.

These open up slightly as well.

Slap that onto the bottom half of the Phenex’s shield.

Then lay the top half of the shield into the larger part of the AA DE.

It fits perfectly actually but do be careful. Coating and stuff. Secure that in place with a frame part.

There you have it.

View from the underside.

Now to get these huge things onto the back of the Phenex.

Build a couple of arms.

These things will pivot in four places. Oooh, positionable.

Build the centre.

These arms will swing outwards. I see you like positioning so I put pivots on your pivots so you can swing while you swing.

So how does this get on the Phenex. Well, the same way you attach the bazooka or rifle. Flip open the top of the backpack.

And plug it in.

Next step. Take blingy photos!

One thing that I had a problem with on the previous MG Unicorns was the design for the skirt. The back block moves back allowing you to reposition the leg joints. It made the Destroy Mode of the Unicorn very unstable and when I was working on modifications on my OVA Unicorn I cemented almost the entire skirt frame assembly together. I definitely will be doing this if I work on the Phenex more as those huge Armed Armor Des on its back make the skirt come apart in your hands. Aargh.

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  1. Michael says:

    You have the same image twice after “Then clip these onto a very large centre part.”. As for the kit – can’t wait for mine to arrive. And, oh boy, this one is a fingerprint magnet…

  2. andrew says:

    for the fingerprints you can use gloves of some sort while your building it that way u dont smudge it

  3. Carl C. says:

    Just the “Midas Touch.” haha

  4. chris says:

    Are there a lot of conspicuous nub remains in the gold plating?

  5. Phillax says:

    That bling, those smudges, one needs to prepare shades and gloves 🙂

    Just a question, are all the runners undergated?

    • Michael says:

      These are the standard Unicorn runners, so whatever was undergated there is undergated here, and this also means that there are parts that have gates on their “face”. Check the side armor on the waist and the side triangle of the shoulder armor. It’s just that when you have the kit completed you don’t notice the discolored bits unless you’re looking for them. I’d suggest checking last episode for some close-up views.

  6. Brian says:

    Hi Syd. HLJ has this kit as “discontinued.” Do you know why?

    • syd says:

      Hi Brian,

      Kits occasionally change to discontinued status before eventually changing back again. I think it is because Bandai isn’t doing regular production runs of this kit, it being so much more expensive than normal kits, and so distributors don’t have the ability to resupply them until Bandai informs them they are making more.

  7. Ian says:

    Hey Syd, do you have any pictures of its destroy mode? 🙂

  8. AscendantEvincar says:

    Question from a beginner:

    Can you achieve a gold appearance like that of the Hyaku-Shiki 2.0 by using Tamiya flat/matte coat on the gold of this kit? Doesn’t have to be exactly like it…

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