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Two master grade kits in one month? It’s like Christmas is 35 days longer than normal! Luckily I was able to build the MG Build Strike fairly quickly so I was available when the Gundam X arrived one day earlier than anticipated.

Here is a shot of the markings I wasn’t able to photograph earlier.

Normally, the first piece you cut off the the runner when building an MG kit is the main cockpit or a chair and/or pilot. For the Gundam X the first parts I cut off and assembled were the pieces for the shoulders.

You build both the shoulder joints and then pop them onto the torso.

When doing this I noticed the ball joint on the bottom of the main torso piece.


Add the hinge for the cockpit hatch and the two large blue armour parts.

Now construct the cockpit door from two parts and add the red.

You can see how the hatch moves.

A clear green piece goes on right here.

Oh and don’t forget the neck part.

Now get out your tweezers or prepare your fingers. You’ve got some small parts to work on now.

These small things plug into here.

With the way the armour is shaped it can be difficult to get these small parts in the right position to slide into place. I found my fingers were bumping the sides of the armour and getting in the way.

Now for some clear purple.

And clear purple jr.

These purple parts can be found all over the suit but for now you are just decorating the top of the torso.

It’s here that I touch the poly-cap runner for the first time.

For reference it is PC runner 130 and it looks like it has been trimmed down for the Gundam X.

Poly-cap slides into a frame part and that frame part fits into the armour part from below.

You’ll need to push a bit to get it to lodge into place.

The backpack starts with these parts.

Those four smaller parts you see in the shot aren’t poly-caps but regular frame parts.

Add some trim, which just so happens to be the exact same colour…

And you’ve got the three main torso sections ready to go together.

The ball joint on the bottom of the lower torso assembly has the same shape as the other ball joint in the torso. My guess is it is shaped this way to add a bit more friction and make it stay upright a little sturdier. These large backpacks will most definitely be affecting the balance of kit like the X.

Turn one of the connecting pieces not the backpack downwards.

Here are the first parts for the head.

Those two frame parts are quite different from what I’ve been seeing lately in MG heads.

First set of side parts.

Drop in the clear piece for the top of the head.

The final top piece goes on next along with the smaller side parts and the V-fin.

There is no small, red, triangular piece for the V-fin?

And no mention in the manual of a sticker so I guess this is how it is supposed to be.

The arms start with the shoulder area. These are more or less the same as what we see on most other MGs but there is small white part that slides into place from the back.

Here are the frame parts for the arms.

The poly-cap fits in very securely using edges and not pegs.

The armour for the lower arm consists of two pieces one going on from the top and another from below.

Then add a larger purple part to the outside and the cuff to the bottom.

Hands we are all familiar with.

And there are your arms.

The shoulders start out by sandwiching a large purple part between two equally-sized white parts.

From below, two thin frame parts are slid into place.

The the connector is put secured in place by two more frame parts.

Which themselves are covered up by armour in the next step.

It’s worth showing here that the connector for the shoulder clicks into place when attaching to the arm peg. It will make that snapping sound we all know when it finally pops into place.

The skirt assembly starts by inserting poly-caps into the sides of the frame. There are four tabs on the poly-cap that need to be lined up properly.

Then you insert a poly-cap into the central frame part and drop it on from above.

Front armour.

The rear skirt is one large section but there is a small door that goes into that assembly.

Front skirts.

And here is where I had to stop for the day. I really didn’t want to.

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  1. Valkyrie says:

    So, Syd. Does the X feel like a new frame? From what I’ve seen here, it does look quite different, but does it feel different?

  2. Richard says:

    Wow. The inner frame is pretty simple for a MG. I wonder if this is going to be the trend for future MG releases.

  3. Really love your post. Looks like a great kit.

  4. YongKang says:

    This is looking really cool. I hope they are doing The X Maoh in MG form with all those clear parts. It would be spectacular under a UV light. Syd, can you try using a UV light on the MG Gundam X to show us the effect on Gunpla TV??

  5. Jason says:

    I was planning on using this kit as my first attempt at putting LEDs in a kit. But looking at it, those purple parts look like they won’t be nearly as easy to modify as I was hoping. The shoulders are the ones that really stand out to me.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on the LED possibilities of this kit, Syd.

  6. Tony says:

    Crap. Forgot to buy this kit. The X HGs are possibly my favorite of all the HG line up for their great color separation and for looking fantastic right OOB. Curious to see how the satellite cannon reflectors look. The HGs just used foils (which actually work pretty well on the textured surface if you really push them on). Keep going!

  7. Frankon says:

    It looks like converting it to X Mahou should be easy (backpack is already ready). So we should get a build fighters version soon.

    Syd. Try putting the reflector panels in Mahou style.

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