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Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the announcement of a Gundam X in Master Grade caused quite the commotion. I’m not much of an anime fan and there are a lot of Gundam Series I haven’t seen and the Gundam X is to be found in that list. But for this announcement to garner so much attention showed me that maybe this was an anime, and a kit, to watch.

Overall Look: 8/10

This was a hard category for me to evaluate with the Gundam X. It certainly has a very unique look with that backpack being able to be very minimal or totally opened up. Come to think of it I’m not sure exactly which look I prefer. Bandai has done a good job with the look of this kit with the effect you see on when the backpack is all flayed out.

Though it can look a little awkward at times.

I do like the vulcans in the torso, though. I always thought that would be more appropriate than in the head.

Colors: 9/10

No complaints from me here. The red and blue torso look more than fine and the purple transparent parts running along the sides of the kit really divide up all that white.

Weapons: 9/10

Maybe the Gundam X seems a little lean in the weapons department compared to some of his brethren but what you do get is pretty cool. That giant satellite beam cannon of course mounts to the backpack and can be positioned in a variety of ways.

And you can pull the little handle off the end and plug in the provided effect part.

Yes, it’s cool but you know what, I actually like the smaller weapon better.

That is because it is also a shield.

This is accomplished by folding up the sides.

Articulation: 7/10

Really, there isn’t much you can expect to do with the Gundam X with that hulking thing on its back. That giant X and the accompanying Satellite Cannon really mean you should be putting this guy on a stand. It takes a while to find the sweet spot to get the X to stand up and when you’re playing with a kit you should be playing with it and not spending that majority of your time repositioning a foot time and time again to get him to stay upright. I’d actually give the Gundam X a lower score except that I discovered just how flexible the main Mobile Suit was after taking off the backpack.

Build Design: 8/10

While building the Gundam X I was reminded of some of the Wing kits I worked on only a couple years ago such as the Sandrock or Shenlong. Not only are they about the same size but the frame is quite similar. The design to include the purple parts in the shoulders are quite simple and don’t really need any elaboration but instead I’d like to talk about the thing that makes the Gundam X the Gundam X.

Yup, the actual ‘X’. It’s quite well done and not terribly complicated. A reflective piece of thick paper is put inside each panel and covered by a clear part.

The backpack panels, when closed, stay in place very well.

And to open the backpack you simply swing the panels out and rotate them.

Very simple and very fast which means you won’t have to dread playing away with that backpack though you may find this happens occasionally.

To get the Satellite Cannon in position over the shoulder you first rotate it up.

Pull it out via a swing arm.

And pivot the arm to to the side to get the cannon in position. However, I’ve noticed that there isn’t much room for the X’s head when the cannon is there.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Bandai made sure to give us parts for the red areas in the knees.

And even covered the underside up with frame part so there is nothing unsightly in that area.

Fun Factor: 8/10

As previously mentioned it feels much like a Wing kit so you’re not going into uncharted Gunpla territory here and it’s not until you get to the backpack that you start experiencing some unique aspects but it’s still an enjoyable experience made more enjoyable with what you can do with that backpack once you’ve got it all assembled.

Extras: 6/10

Really there’s not much here which isn’t such a a big deal, but I think for a kit like this, Bandai could have made an effort to include some kind of stand. The X doesn’t really come into his own unless he’s flying along with those panels all aglow.

The Gundam X came at an odd time. People had been wanting one for so long, as I learned from fan reaction to the announcement, that it could have been a bigger event that it was. The Gundam X was actually released a week before the MG Unicorn 3 Phenex and might actually suffer because of that through no fault of its own. I think die-hard Gundam X fans will pick up this kit, and they should as it’s solid, but those on the fence may skip it in favour of the much more expensive Phenex which in a way is kind of a shame.

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  1. Otonashi says:

    I highly doubt anyone will skip this in favor of the Phenex.

    • christian says:

      any gundam x fan will definitely not skip this in favor of Phenex, for others, it still depends on their choice.

      • Zephyranthes says:

        Even if they weren’t a gundam X fan they wouldn’t skip this over the phenex so easily, being this a brand, new release at 3000-4000 yen while the phenex being a remolded plated kit with no undergating for 12000 yen

  2. Zenstrive says:

    I do hope Bandai will release MG Gundam X Divider and MG Double X down the line. MG Gundam X Maoh is a definite release since the HG is a popular one.

    • Zephyranthes says:

      If they release the X divider, bandai will probably make it an online exclusive.

      • Zenstrive says:

        That’s a trend that worries me.
        Let’s just hope since the X Divider is a main Gundam in an animated series, it will not get the P-Bandai treatment, just like the fact that HGAW Gundam X-Divider is not a premium Bandai

  3. Archer says:

    wow.. that’s quite low score the X having, but I still want it though, I never watch the series and yet I have a feeling I must get this little one.. love in first sight I guess :/

  4. andrew says:

    so syd are you planning to paint this or nah

  5. YongKang says:

    I just notice that Syd put the wrong foil sticker sheet.

  6. megamanx96 says:

    Syd you can adjust the cannon to fit on his shoulders without making it look awkward.

  7. atanlf says:

    Syd, will the fact that the inner frame is PS – only lead to frame weakness in the long run, particularly if we kitbash this one?

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