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The big surprise from last year’s Gunpla Expo was the announcement that we would see a regular release of an MG Unicorn 3 Phenex. Why was the announcement so shocking? Two words:


Yes, this gold Unicorn was really going to be gold and not that ‘lame gold’ we have seen in hyped releases like the PG Strike Freedom and the newer RG Strike Freedom. Real gold! Or as real as we can get on this plastic model. Opening up the box you are greeted with plenty of gold but also a lot of blue.

Here’s the blue runner for the Armed Armour DE.

Box Contents:

Each bag of gold you see in this image contains two runners, with Bandai being nice enough to bag them separately so they don’t scratch any of that finish off.

Oddly enough, the biggest shock to me when going through the box wasn’t all that gold but was instead a whole lot of another particular thing.


That decal sheet is massive. On the flip side of that, however.

Stickers…. hmmm.


The box art image doesn’t do much for me. I actually much prefer the shot they’ve got on the side of the box.

Now that is cool.

I’m getting a headache just looking at the marking guide.

I was thinking I would get to relax and watch some Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey starting this weekend. I guess I was wrong. Go, Canada!

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  1. dave says:

    Hi syd. are the gold parts undergated?

    • Michael says:

      These are the usual Unicorn runners, so as far as I remember not all parts are undergated.

    • Agent Adam says:

      Going by some pictures of the fully built kit on another blog, it appears it is NOT undergated. Disappointing, to say the least.

      • syd says:

        I’m actually quite surprised that anyone would have thought Bandai would undergate this kit. Bandai has never remoulded an existing kit to add undergating. There are plenty of examples of this.

      • Agent Adam says:

        Hey, I can dream can’t I? 🙂

      • Agent Adam says:

        Thanks for the knowledge though; it did not occur to me to look to past kits that have that extra coating/Titanium releases to see if they were undergated.

      • syd says:

        Well, it’s not like Bandai didn’t know they would be doing extra finish versions of this kit. They did a Titanium Unicorn Ver Ka, then the Banshee Titanium, and now the gold Coating. They also did the Nu Gundam Ver ka and then the Titanium Finish. I would say it’s in bandai’s best interest to undergate any new kit that they know or have a good idea they will be doing an extra finish version for.

  2. syberio says:

    well… that’s one more Unicorn… i’ll gladly pass 😛

  3. Randolph says:

    So…how do we work with water slides on a plated kit exactly :S

    I was expecting rub transfers as they worked on my hyaku shiki, but water slides…im worried if i use decal bonder it’ll affect the finish, and I can’t top coat to protect the water slides (well I could but might look weird :S)

    Anyone got any ideas for someone who doesn’t want to repaint the entire thing :c

    • Brian says:

      Randolph, just as you would do a waterslide decal, but DO NOT use the Mark Softer and Setter. Those two chemicals will damage the coating.

  4. David says:

    i wonder if you can do a full armor phenex or if the wings would prevent you getting most of the parts on

    • David says:

      you can do a full armor Phenex but you will need to mount the wings on the arms as the FA weapon set on the back prevents you mounting them or alternatively you can mount one on the back and leave the other or mount it on a arm. I went with the arms and painted a spare shield and put it on the back. if you go with the arms they become extremely heavy due to all the added weight but even standing straight it looks cool. the shields stretch from the ankles to above the head. I need to gold paint the FA parts to match but it already looks amazing.

      so in general yes you can but you cannot back mount the wings, everything else is fine

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