Gaijin Gunpla

Building the Gundam X feels like building one of the MG Wing kits from recent years. It’s smaller in size, but built solidly. This isn’t a bad thing. I’d rather have a solid kit than an elaborate one that functions poorly. So, speaking of solid, let’s talk about the legs.

The frame for the foot involves sandwiching in a poly-cap, nothing unusual here.

The last piece on is the white armour piece. Then you construct the ankle.

Two frame part go together and then are covered by an armour part. Then the side frame parts are added with a small pivot part inserted at the front.

Followed by the remainder of the armour.

Quite a bit more armour than we are used to seeing on a Gundam’s ankle.

The legs go together almost exactly as you would expect them to.

With the frame completed just start adding white armour.

The piece of the lower rear of the leg has a section that extends upwards to fit around a little frame edge. Lining this up can be tricky but once you get it it goes on smoothly.

The knee uses these armour parts. Hurry for the red part and no sticker!

Finally cover up the sides of the leg.

This involves using a clear purple piece which means that the right and left leg are assembled differently. Well, the same just on opposite sides.

Same for the hip joint, but that’s the same for every kit pretty much.

Parts for side skirts.

I’ll just add that last little part…

that’s better.

Now I expect everyone wants to see the X part of the Gundam X but the manual has you build the weapons first and so that is what I’m showing next. Here are the first parts for the rifle.

The last parts slide on from the front.

So there is the rifle (which looks more like a shotgun).

But we are not finished. There is more. Like these pieces.

These fit around two white armour parts.

Which in turn clip onto either side of the rifle.

When folded upwards the armour parts on your rifle turns it into a shield.

And now I’ll be a bit of a tease and stop here so I have more time later to write about the X found on that Gundam X.

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  1. Victor says:

    Nice WIP on the Gundam X. I’m really glad that Bandai is stepping up in terms on the quality of kits these days (including boxarts). I just want to ask if there is any way to remove clear parts from assembly especially when they are already in place (e.g. clear part from the chest of HG Wing Gundam). Thanks.

  2. chad from the philippines says:

    manly tears for those actual red parts on the knees. thanks bandai

  3. Frankon says:

    Talk about teasing….

  4. christian says:

    my favorite part of the kit is the Chest/upper torso. it seems like it is a standard fare MG for the rest. I still like the integration of the Clear parts though, it adds a really nice new look to it.

  5. Frankon says:

    Also Syd. I’m expecting in the next part the early sneak peak on the upcoming MG Turn X.

  6. Ben says:

    I’m more impressed about the legs and hip joints than the chest. The chest didn’t seem as MGish as the legs are, at least in terms in inner frame

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