Gaijin Gunpla

Well, I guess this is the thing most people wanted to see on the Gundam X, the actual ‘X’. I’ll talk about how it’s constructed but first will just say this; It’s pretty cool.

Here are the large parts for the X. You can see that there is actually ridges on the underside.

Well, that’s not really too important apparently because you have to place a piece of reflective paper onto those grooves.

That… is shiny.

Even covering it up with the clear part you can still see that light refracting everywhere.

On the opposite side you add the last few parts to finish it off and also allow it to connect to the backpack.

To connect these to the backpack, while allowing them to rotate, you use this odd shaped frame part.

Then all four wings are attached to one frame part.

You’ll put them on closed together.

Then you’ll put end caps onto the frame post.

Two frame parts are what connect it to the back of the Gundam X.

Before actually putting it on the Gundam X you build the Satellite Bazooka Cannon Rifle Instrument-of-Destruction, or whatever that thing is called. Like so.

The main pier is actually quite long.

You can see the end is meant to slide out slightly.

Add some more pieces to form the body of the weapon.

That first thing you assembled… that goes on now.

Now for this, um, thing.

I’m not sure what this is, but it assembles like this.

It plugs into the back of the Gundam X.

Then the X and the Boom Boom Satellites go on.

And there you have it. Here’s a shot of it actually standing up which I posted on Facebook.

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  1. zetaone71 says:

    Looks good Syd. I am excited to build this kit.

  2. Herr Deitrich says:

    I think that “thing” is a gatling cannon, maybe? You could probably replace it with some add-on weapon if you wanted to customize your build. Kewl article; I wasn’t interested in the Gundam X before but now I kinda want it.

  3. Belades says:

    That second thing is a flip down gatling gun, similar to the vulcans on the heads of most other Gundams (this one also having four vulcans on the torso)The official title is the “shoulder vulcan” apparently. My recommendation that might actually help you get more out of the kits would be to check out the page on the Gundam Wiki of any kit you get. Here’s the one for the GX

    • Chopper Dave says:

      Yea what he said. I didn’t even bother building it on my GX. It wasn’t even present through most of the show and I think it’s ugly.

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